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28:1 - Mesmeric, polymorphic dance and athleticism

11 February 2022

The screen is a stage. With dancers in 28 squares, Constant Vigier's 28:1 offers dazzling visuals with ever-evolving patterns and formations. One of eight short films featuring innovation in visualising dance - for Dance Passion 2022.


Beautiful dancing and inventive patterns create dazzling visuals on the screen.

This short film offers dazzling visuals. By dividing the screen into 28 squares, the choreography creates ever-evolving, hypnotising patterns and formations.

The choreography creates ever-evolving, hypnotising patterns and formations.

Four dancers showcase incredible athleticism and precision, accompanied by an organic and electronic composition. The costumes are simple yet effective, playing with sharp contrasts of colours.

The piece is built in five movements, with each dancer bringing the viewer into their own world, before offering a finale bursting with energy and colours.

Innovation in dance

What is Dance Passion?

This is one of fourteen short films and interactive projects that explore innovative ways of capturing and experiencing dance, as part of Dance Passion - a landmark celebration of the world-class dance throughout February and March 2022. BBC Arts, in partnership with One Dance UK and supported by the Arts Council, bring you unique perspectives on the creative forces in dance, and spotlight innovation in choreography and performance.

Rambert performing in Plymouth for Dance Passion

Highlights include:-

  • Josie d’Arby and Karim Zeroual present five hour-long programmes of dance as a boxset on BBC iPlayer, and a special highlights programme on BBC Four;
  • Performances by thirty-two companies, recorded in ‘dance hubs’ across the country;
  • Exclusive first screening of excerpts from Carlos Acosta’s Don Quixote from Birmingham Royal Ballet;
  • World premiere of Corey Baker's thrilling new film, Dance Race;
  • Fourteen short films and interactive projects exploring innovative ways to experience dance.

Dance Passion on iPlayer

Exclusive world premiere from Corey Baker