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What's the latest in the gaming industry?

What's new in gaming - and what does Drake love to play?

BBC Minute: On what's hot in gaming

We talk about the changes in the industry, Drake, Twitch...

What is Twitch?

BBC Minute: On Twitch

Drake brought the heat in a record-breaking gaming battle

'People in gaming are having to push a more responsible culture'

BBC Minute: On the changing culture in gaming

'The industry and the culture is having to improve'

'It started in a gamer's living room in 1988 - now we're 26,000 people'

BBC Minute: On the Game Developers Conference

It's the 30th Game Developers Conference -- what's changed and happening this year?

Composing music for games: 'My first job was The God Of War'

BBC Minute: On creating music for games

One composer tells us about makng music for virtual reality and video games

Women in gaming: 'We don't have 'booth babes' at our events anymore'

BBC Minute: On women and gaming

How is the gaming industry doing on diversity?