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The alien from outer space who came to earth looking for kindness

14 May 2019

Noodle 6 was a caring alien, doing her job by searching for lonely humans, finding them friends and making them happy. Her bright blue interstellar spacecraft was fuelled by tanks of kindness and calmness.

But when she began to miss her beloved sister – away on an important mission elsewhere in the universe – Noodle 6’s tanks began to empty and she was forced to make an emergency landing a school playground!

This dramatic storyline was the creation of P6 pupils at Glengowan Primary School in Larkhall.

They worked with BBC Scotland’s The L.A.B and actress Maureen Carr to create the short film and screened it at the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.


A fun film that P6 from Glengowan Primary School in Larkhall made with the LAB.

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