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‘Sharing the dog love’ — the photographer using his passion for pooches to create beautiful furry-faced portraits on social media

10 September 2018

Iain Robertson takes pictures of people’s dogs in the park and shares them on social media.

The Glaswegian’s Instagram account – The Dugist – is, by his own admission, an homage to the hugely popular The Dogist account, based in New York.

Iain says, “It’s almost like Humans Of New York, but for dogs.”

Meet The Dugist

Iain spends his free time photographing the dogs of Glasgow. Meet The Dugist

So how do you get a dog to pose?

Iain says, “There’s no real trick to it; every single dog is different. Some of them are extremely hyper and impossible to take a photo of.

“Some of them will literally just sit and stare at the camera — they’re the best ones. Sometimes it’s just a click of the finger and waving my hand around to get the dog’s attention. Also, the sound of the camera click kind of gets their attention. So, once I’ve taken the first photo, they stare at the camera. It’s great!

“What I love most about dogs is the unconditional love and happiness that they show to just anybody. They don’t judge who you are; they’re always super happy to see people. They look so adorable, they’re so funny!”

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