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The amazing artistic talent of the great British public

11 June 2020

When we brought the nation together for a live lockdown art class we were blown away by the response. In just a few hours, we received over 25,000 pieces you created at home. Artist Diana Ali was reviewing submissions on BBC Four as they came in and has highlighted a selection in our gallery below. If you're inspired by what you see, watch Live Drawing Live! again and draw along! (Note: this article contains images of partial nudity).

Pose One

Pose three was inspired by The Rokeby Venus by Diego Velázquez (1647-51)

The inspiration

The Rokeby Venus by Diego Velázquez (1647-51) | The National Gallery (Bridgeman Images)

Deborala, Bucks

Diana says: There’s so much movement and energy in this piece which gives engagement. Be careful with the detail of proportion like the head.

Siân, Leicestershire

Diana says: There a sensitive touch to the whole piece which gives an air of romance. Try and add some hints of colour to bring out some more of this narrative.

Sinead, Manchester

Diana says: Lyrical and wispy lines gives the form curvature. A different colour for the fabric would give more distinction between the figure and the surface.

Pose two

Pose two was inspired by The Triumph of Bacchus by Michaelina Wautier (around 1655)

The inspiration

The Triumph of Bacchus by Michaelina Wautier (around 1655) | Kunsthistorisches Museum (Bridgeman Images)

Sue, Cambridge

Diana says: There are subtle tonal qualities which gives form to the figure and muscles. To give more of a setting to the scene, think about adding suggestions of the sofa/bed so the figure is not floating.

Pose three

Pose three was inspired by Madame Suggia by Augustus John (1920-3)

The inspiration

Madame Suggia by Augustus John (1920-3) | Tate (Tate Images / Augustus John Estate / Bridgeman Images)

Kathy, East Sheen

Diana says: Many lyrical lines and movement with colour adds to the musicality. The head is slightly too small so be careful on the proportions.

Rosmond, London and Richard, Horsham

Diana says: Kathy - Dynamic marks are made with the media, especially with the highlights. Balance out the tonal patches on the instrument too. Richard - The colours are strong, and the semi-abstraction of the scene gives engagement. Be careful the background is not too heavy otherwise the figure becomes lost.

Pose four

Pose four was inspired by Narcissus by Caravaggio (1597-9)

The inspiration

Narcissus by Caravaggio (1597-9) | Gallerie Nazionali Barberini Corsini (Bridgeman Images)

Kelly, Dunfermline

Diana says: The minimal lines give convincing structure to the form and shadows give weight. Some more highlighting would enhance this.

Gillian Glasgow

Diana says: The lines are sensitive, and the reflection gives a narrative. There are tonal areas which give some form but more lighter patches would enhance this.

Chris, Worcester

Diana says: The mark making is energetic and dynamic and adds to the human structure. More highlighting and lighter areas would show the muscle and form more.

Pose 5

The final pose of the evening was inspired by Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix (1830)

The inspriation

Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix (1830) | Louvre Museum (Bridgeman Images)

Richard, Southampton

Diana says: A very vibrant use of colour which shows energy and fluidity. Try and fade the background so there is more depth and the figure does not become lost in it.

Kevin, Bromley

Diana says: Fluid energy and vibrant use of media and the stance is statuesque and strong. Try and include the important details like the feet and hands.

Louise, Liverpool

Diana says: There is effective use of colour to give a story to the work. Work from the middle so you don’t run out of space.

Feedback by Diana Ali, Visual Artist, International Curator and Art Educator.

Remember, you can still take part in the Life Drawing Live class in your own time on the BBC Arts website.

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