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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Tuesday 6 October 2009

Blue Peter

Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 October
4.35-5.00pm BBC ONE

The intrepid trio of Andy Akinwolere, Helen Skelton and Joel Defries take a hot-air balloon trip over Cappadocia as they continue their travels through Turkey, in this week's Blue Peter. Here, they see a land of "fairy chimneys" while Joel visits an extremely unusual museum – a museum of hair.

On Wednesday, the gang visit the Turkish village of Kuskoy, where the residents communicate with each other by whistling.

Back in the studio, they launch a Doctor Who competition, which will see one lucky viewer design a Tardis console that will feature in the new series.


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Tuesday 6 October
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

Zainab confronts Masood about his alleged affair with Jane, and he is furious that she doesn't trust him, in tonight's visit to Albert Square.

Bradley goes to see Jean about the divorce papers and asks her to tell Stacey that they need to be signed. Jean pleads with him to let her tell Stacey in her own way.

Zainab is played by Nina Wadia, Masood by Nitin Ginatra, Jane by Laurie Brett, Bradley by Charlie Clements, Jean by Gillian Wright and Stacey by Lacey Turner.


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Holby City

Tuesday 6 October
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE

Mark is not impressed to see Oliver flirting with Daisha after she has asked him on a date, as the medical drama continues.

Meanwhile, Chrissie tells Oliver that she is pregnant with his child. She struggles to work despite abdominal pains but loses enough blood to realise that she must have miscarried.

Ric operates on Maria with spine expert Henry Miller and, although there are some serious complications, Ric manages to take control of the situation and get through the operation.

Connie gives Penny a chance to impress her but she gets side-tracked by Elliot, who is planning a heart transplant.

Mark is played by Robert Powell, Oliver by James Anderson, Daisha by Rebecca Grant, Chrissie by Tina Hobley, Ric by Hugh Quarshie, Maria by Phoebe Thomas, Connie by Amanda Mealing, Penny by Emma Catherwood and Elliot by Paul Bradley.


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Criminal Justice Ep 2/5

Tuesday 6 October
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE (Schedule addition 23 September)

It's the next morning and Joe remains in a critical state, as Peter Moffat's Bafta Award-winning drama continues. Juliet is examined by the police doctor but there are no signs of rape or physical abuse.

Juliet is refused bail but is full of hope that Joe will recover soon and be able to look after Ella while she's in jail. Once in prison, Juliet meets cellmates Angela and Jane, whose troubles highlight her own.

Meanwhile, solicitor Jack and barrister Anna worry about Juliet's defence and things are not looking good. They don't know how they are going to piece together a winning story when Juliet refuses to open up. She has admitted she stabbed her husband but has not said what led to such a heinous act.

In the outside world, social worker Norma arranges for Ella to go and live with her best friend, Kate, and her parents, Dr Dominic Rose and his wife, Amelia – friends of the Millers. Norma hopes it will provide Ella will some stability and comfort.

DI Sexton feels excited that he's already got the evidence to convict Juliet. He doesn't believe that she'll ever get off on self-defence – it was a calculated murder attempt, not a spontaneous action. DCI Faber tells DI Sexton he's got to maintain more of an open mind if they're to get to the truth. Things are never black and white.

Later in the cell, Angela asks what Joe did to Juliet; she replies that Jack Woolf believes he raped her and she hasn't denied this claim. Jane is listening from the top bunk; the next day she says she's being transferred to another prison.

Norma believes it will help Ella to start to come to terms with what has happened if she sees her mother, so arranges for her to visit Juliet in prison. The meeting between mother and daughter is painful and breaks down when Juliet tells Ella that she did it for her.

Joe Miller is played by Matthew Macfadyen; Juliet by Maxine Peake; Ella by Alice Sykes; Angela by Jodie McNee; Jane by Keeley Forsyth; Jack Woolf by Sophie Okonedo; Anna by Zoe Telford; Norma by Nadine Marshall; Kate by Madeleine Rakic-Platt; Dr Dominic Rose by Rupert Procter; Amelia Rose by Pooky Quesnel; DI Sexton by Steven Mackintosh and DCI Faber by Denis Lawson.


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BBC TWO Tuesday 6 October 2009

Later Live ... With Jools Holland Ep 4/10

Live event/outside broadcastHigh Definition programme
Tuesday 6 October
10.00-10.30pm BBC TWO

Scottish trio Biffy Clyro visit Later Live ... With Jools Holland ahead of the release of their new album, Only Revolutions, in the fourth programme of the series. Also joining Jools is legendary king of easy listening Andy Williams, whose career spans five decades; Calvin Harris, a frequent visitor to the top end of the charts these past 18 months, who performs numbers from his recent Ready For The Weekend album; Chris Rea who, ahead of the release of his greatest hits, plays selections from his 30-plus year career; and acclaimed multi-instrumentalist sensations Spaghetti Western Orchestra, who play unique interpretations of Ennio Morricone's classic Western soundtracks.

More artists will be announced closer to transmission. The traditional, longer version of Later ... With Jools Holland can be seen on Friday at 11.35pm.

The show's website, at, features exclusive performances and interviews with acts on each week's show.

Later Live ... With Jools Holland is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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BBC THREE Tuesday 6 October 2009

How Not To Live Your Life Ep 4/6

Tuesday 6 October
10.30-11.00pm BBC THREE

Don (Dan Clark) has an eventful night out as the comedy continues
Don (Dan Clark) has an eventful night out as the comedy continues

Don's lodger, Sam, invites her brother, Jamie, over for the weekend, as the comedy about a twentysomething singleton stumbling through life continues. Following the combination of a night's drinking and Sam's mischievous sense of humour, Jamie ends up in Don's bed. Though initially shocked, Don wonders whether he might be gayer than he thinks and asks Jamie out on a date, leading to an eventful night out in a gay bar...

How Not To Live Your Life is written by and stars Dan Clark, with David Armand as Eddie, Leila Hoffman as Mrs Treacher and Laura Haddock as Sam.


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BBC FOUR Tuesday 6 October 2009

Electric Dreams Ep 2/3

Tuesday 6 October
9.00-10.00pm BBC FOUR

L-R: Ellie Sullivan, Steffi Barnes, Adam Barnes, Jude Sullivan-Barnes, Georgie Sullivan, Hamish Sullivan
The family gets to grips with the technology of the Eighties

The Sullivan-Barnes family find themselves in 1980, as BBC Four continues to offer a unique insight into how the technological revolution of the past 40 years has transformed daily life.

Progressing through the Eighties at a rate of a year per day, the family is faced with an onslaught of electronics. This is the decade when computers began to appear in the average home – along with microwave ovens, video recorders and compact discs. Technology began to shrink in size and focused on leisure and entertainment. But prices were still high, and both reliability and ease of use were a long way from the standards expected today.

Dad Adam has fond memories of a decade which was formative for him. He remembers being awestruck by technology at the time. However, he is forced to admit that the reality doesn't live up to his nostalgia. Mum Georgie worries about the impact more technology will have on family life. Unimpressed by much of the equipment which arrives in the Eighties, Georgie feels it's generally too time-consuming to bother with.

None of the children was even born in the Eighties. However, while Ellie and Steff are thoroughly underwhelmed by their newly arrived prehistoric PC, Hamish immediately understands Adam's enthusiasm for primitive computer programming.

The family face a number of entertaining challenges in this episode: they must cook a full roast dinner in a microwave oven, as consumers in 1980 were encouraged to do; they go shopping for their first home computer and are faced with a bamboozling range of incompatible models to choose from; and the kids make their pop video debut with one of the first camcorders.

Meanwhile, Adam takes a spin in the most famous technological flop of the decade – the Sinclair C5 – and the family receives a surprise visit from one of the most iconic bands of the decade.

Electric Dreams is part of the Electric Revolution season of programmes, which also includes Micro Men, starring Martin Freeman and Alexander Armstrong, in an affectionately comic account of the race for home computer supremacy in the Eighties.

Electric Dreams is produced by Wall to Wall and was commissioned jointly by the Open University and the BBC.


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