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24 September 2014
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Johnny and the Bomb
George MacKay and Zoe Wanamaker as Johnny and Mrs Tachyon

Johnny And The Bomb




Johnny And The Bomb is a time-slip story. Based on the book by Terry Pratchett, it's a thrilling adventure that takes Johnny Maxwell and his pals back into the Second World War.


With great characters that cross the generations, comedy, and lots of cool special effects, there's even a Back To The Future-style love story for good measure.


At the start of our story, Johnny just happens to be on hand when time-travelling Mrs Tachyon is blown quite literally from 1941 to 2005, landing in a heap almost at Johnny's feet.


While poor Mrs T is in hospital, Johnny inherits her shopping trolley and its unusual cargo – the Bags of Time. Everything revolves around the 21 May 1941, when the small Pennine town of Blackbury suffered its only air raid of the Second World War.


Along with Mrs Tachyon, Johnny's Gran and Grandad were there - of course they were only teenagers at the time - but they fell in love when Grandad, Tom Maxwell, made his epic bike ride to raise the alarm and saved the residents of Paradise Street (including his future bride, the pretty young Rose Bushell) from the horrors of the Blitz.


Tom and Rose survived to get married and the rest is history – at least it was until young Johnny started messing with the Bags of Time.


He and his friends slip back to the Second World War and with the best of intentions start 'bumping into things'. And this is where Terry Pratchett asks the big question – if you could go back in time, would your actions make any difference, or is history already written?


In the world of Pratchett everything makes a difference... maybe not a big difference, but a difference.


Like when Bigmac takes the bike on which Tom's epic ride is due to take place. Suddenly Paradise Street is in peril, the bombers are on their way and the lovely Rose may well be doomed.


And as if our heroes hadn't got enough on their plates, the unique world of Pratchett lets them slip sideways as well as forward and back. So they also find themselves in an alternative present where the changes they've made for better or worse just get to play themselves out.


Confused? You will be, a bit – but there's a lot of fun to be had in confusion, particularly when Terry Pratchett's there to lead you to the other side.


What starts as an accident turns into a breathless adventure and ends up in a race against time, with Johnny and his friends trying desperately to reverse the 'butterfly effect' that could stop important little bits of the present ever happening – like Tom and Rose making it and Johnny Maxwell ever being born.



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