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A round-up of links to disability related stories from BBC News and the wider web. Note that links to the full article will open into a new browser window.

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Comment Is Free: surely the answer to anxiety can be better than antidepressants?

Source: The Guardian, Thursday 5 May

Psychotherapist Paul Gordon believes patients should be given a choice of treatments.

Self harm rise among young in Wales 'alarming'

Source: BBC News, Wednesday 4 May

A mental health charity says a rise in hospital admissions for young people in Wales who self-harm is alarming.

Pills better for treating asthma than inhalers

Source: The Daily Telegraph, Wednesday 4 May

Asthma sufferers may be better off taking a daily tablet rather than using an inhaler, according to new research.

Thousands may have undiagnosed autism

Source: The Independent, Wednesday 4 May

Many thousands of adults in the UK may have autism without knowing it, research suggests.

Helping more disabled people get into politics

Source: The Guardian, Wednesday 4 May

A new scheme aims to encourage more disabled people into politics and develop a cross-party network of ambassadors.

As a person with borderline personality disorder, apparently I have no empathy

Source: The Guardian, Tuesday 3 May

I think I'm a pretty empathic person but how would I know, asks Clare Allan.

Deaths related to asthma could be cut with better GP medical training, says charity

Source: BBC News, Tuesday 3 May

It is claimed lives are being put at risk because GPs lack the training they need to treat asthma.

Middle age weight dementia link

Source: BBC News, Tuesday 3 May

According to research, middle aged people who are overweight but not obese are 71% more likely to develop dementia than those with a normal weight.

The feeling of freedom

Source: The Guardian, Tuesday 3 May

Tim Rushby-Smith of the Back Up Trust writes about teaching basic and practical wheelchair skills to participants at the National Orthopaedic Hospital.

Deaf charity RNID warns teenagers about loud music

Source: BBC News, Monday 2 May

Teenagers are being warned about the dangers of listening to loud music for long periods of time.

William said "You look lovely" or did he?

Source: The Guardian, Sunday 1 May

Charlie Swinbourne was asked to translate what was said at the royal wedding but even for experienced lipreaders it's not an exact science.

Bupa cuts off mental illness payments after two years

Source: The Guardian, Saturday 30 April

Depression sufferer tells how his payments were cut short under a two year rule which does not apply to other illnesses.

Screen may spot autism in one-year-olds

Source: BBC News, Thursday 28 April

Asking parents simple questions about their baby during routine one-year-well-baby checks can help spot early autism say US experts.

Anorexia nervosa 'link to spring birth'

Source: BBC News, Thursday 28 April

Babies born in spring are slightly more likely to develop anorexia nervosa, while those born in the autumn have a lower risk, say researchers.

Benefit applicants - '75% fit to work or drop claims'

Source: BBC News, Thursday 28 April

Three-quarters of people who apply for sickness benefit were found to be fit to work or drop their claims before they are completed, the government says.

Stem cell treatments threatened by European patents ruling

Source: The Guardian, Wednesday 27 April

European court of justice set to ban patents on discoveries that involve stem cells.

Guide dog bar lawful but wrong, says blind journalist

Source: BBC News, Wednesday 27 April

Barring blind people with guide dogs from restaurants should be against the law argues Talksport political journalist Sean Dilley.

Why is the law stopping young people using advanced wheelchairs?

Source: The Guardian, Tuesday 26 April

A legal anomaly means charities are being forced to refuse applications from young people for grants for technologically advanced wheelchairs.

Comment Is Free: The future of mental health care in austerity Britain

Source: The Guardian, Tuesday 26 April

High level supported living housing is under threat as one London council calls a hostel 'surplus to requirements.'

Cancer breath test 'step closer'

Source: BBC News, Wednesday 20 April

A breath test that can sniff-out cancer is a step closer to reality according to a preliminary study.

London theatre tells teenagers' stories

Source: The Guardian, Tuesday 19 April

A 13 year old with a learning disability and a 16 year old victim of bullying are among the vulnerable teenagers who have inspired an arts project that tackles the emotional traumas of adolescence.

Talking about bipolar disorder

Source: The Guardian, Tuesday 19 April

Everyone now knows about Catherine Zeta-Jones's bipolar disorder but what is life like for others who have the illness?

High-tech asthma inhaler tracks data via GPS

Source: The Independent, Tuesday 19 April

A new inhaler attachment for asthma sufferers won't let you forget to use it, records when and where it is used and logs which areas trigger attacks.

Poet blinks to write

Source: BBC News, Monday 18 April

Adam Bojelian is an 11 year old with cerebral palsy who likes writing poetry and has won several accolades including a Brit Writers Award and a Blue Peter Gold badge.

Patients denied key treatments due to NHS cost-cutting, surgeons warn

Source: The Guardian, Monday 18 April

Increasing rationing of operations is forcing patients to endure pain, injury or disability because NHS primary care trusts are ignoring evidence about the effectiveness of certain treatments simply to balance their books.

David Weir clinches fifth London Marathon title

Source: BBC Sport, Sunday 17 April

The 31-year old wheelchair racer from Surrey moved ahead of Swiss rival Heinz Frei in the final 300 metres during an exciting finish.

BrainGate gives paralysed the power of mind control

Source: The Guardian, Sunday 17 April

A tiny chip implant is enabling paralysed and injured people to move objects by the power of their thoughts - and, in time, researchers hope it could help them walk again.

Patient's own cells used to probe schizophrenia

Source: The Independent, Sunday 17 April

Skin cells have become lab-dish tools for probing one of the most enigmatic and distressing disorders of the mind.

Councils cut back on free adult social care

Source: BBC News, Saturday 16 April

A survey has suggested the number of councils in England cutting back on free adult social care has increased by 13% in 2011.

2012 Paralympic Games must sow seeds to ensure young talent can blossom

Source: The Daily Telegraph, Friday 15 April

For any athelete who has a dream of competing in London 2012 the 500 day announcement will cause more than a few stomachs to flip over, writes Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson

How fighting the flab also helps boost the brain

Source: Daily Mail, Friday 15 April

Losing weight is not only good for the waistline, it is good for the brain says research findings on people over 21 stone.

Terry Pratchett documentary to show assisted suicide

Source: The Guardian, Friday 15 April

BBC2 programme by Discworld author and Alzheimer's sufferer to show a terminally ill man's last moments in a Dignitas clinic.

Women and depression: a modern malaise?

Source: The Telegraph, Friday 15 April

Hollywood star Catherine Zeta Jones’s disclosure that she checked into a psychiatric hospital last week suffering from bipolar disorder has led to waves
of sympathy for the 41-year-old actress and mother of two. (opinion piece by Judith Woods)

Disabled Jo Heath sues Ryanair over fireman's lift to plane

Source:, Friday 15 April

A disabled woman successfully sues the budget airline after her husband was forced to carry her onto a flight using a fireman's lift.

Artificial pancreas ready for diabetics to try at home, say research scientists

Source: The Guardian, Thursday 14 April

A patch that monitors glucose levels continuously has worked in a small trial. Now scientists want more diabetics to try it out.

TeloVac pancreatic cancer vaccine trial launched in UK

Source: BBC News, Thursday 14 April

A trial has begun on a vaccine treating pancreatic cancer, which has the lowest survival rate of all common cancers.

Catherine Zeta Jones treated for bipolar disorder

Source: BBC News, Thursday 14 April

Catherine Zeta Jones has received treatment for bipolar disorder after dealing with the stress of her husband's battle with throat cancer.

Mind tricks might help arthritic pain

Source: BBC News, Thursday 14 April

A chance discovery by academics in Nottingham has found that a simple optical illusion could unlock a drug-free treatment for arthritis.

Brain scans fuel hope of early Alzheimer's detection

Source: BBC News, Thursday 14 April

Brain scans may be able to indicate potential Alzheimer's patients years before symptoms appear, according to the results of a small study.

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