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13 Questions: editor Tom Dowling

by Dan Slipper

Tom Dowling is founder and editor of All Together NOW!, a free newspaper in the north west of the UK which focuses on health and disability.
Tom Dowling
Research has found it is one of the best read titles in the area with a readership of approximately 240,000 people via a distribution network including garden centres, hospitals, health centres, libraries and museums.

Tom created the paper five years ago having previously worked as a journalist for the Liverpool Echo.

Today I'm thinking about...

How I can find the resources to keep All Together NOW! financially healthy and double our readership to 500,000 in 2011.

I spend most of my time...

Trying to get money from advertisers, sponsors and funders to keep the paper afloat.

If I didn't live in the UK it would have to be...

Somewhere warm with lots of blue sky days, drop kerbs, Blue Badge parking spaces, tolerance and warm hearted people.

My ideal dinner guests would be...

Rich and influential people who genuinely care about society and equality and who clearly see how All Together NOW! is deserving of their support.

I would like to ban...

Walking! Well, at least for one weekend in the year. I'd have a national no walking (or standing) weekend with just a few exceptions like Blue Badge holders. Those in key jobs would have to hop around all day.

I couldn't live without...

My wonderful wife Lynne, my fantastic family, horse racing (flat and national hunt), music, freedom and hope.

If I were granted one wish I would...

Ensure that everyone gets the chance to make the mountain trek up to the Matterhorn in Switzerland on a blue sky day. It is where I first became inspired by mountaineering aged 17 and I returned there this year.
Sunrise over the Matterhorn in Switzerland

I excel at...

Daydreaming, preferably in a field under a tree on a warm sunny day surrounded by my family.

I struggle with...

Gloom in all its forms and asking for money.

To chill out I...

Have an occasional flutter. I love studying form (racehorses and football).

The best piece of advice I would pass on is...

Never let the lack of your own money stop you from planning your dreams. The plan should always come first. If it is good enough and it involves others there will be a way of coming up with the goods.

My travels have so far taken me to...

Inspiring places such as the Himalayas, the Alps, the Rockies, the Lakes, Snowdonia and Goodison Park - the home of Everton FC.

The future for me holds...

All sorts of excitement including watching my three sons (Joe, 20, Dan and Ben, both 18) grow into fun loving and caring adults and developing All Together NOW! into one of the best read titles in the UK.

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