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24 September 2014

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January 2004
Robin Hood - On the move?
Robin Hood statue
Robin Hood statue - Picture by Dave Blenkey
An MP's campaigning to get the signs welcoming people to Robin Hood country moved... into Yorkshire!

Do you agree? Tell us
Robin Hood index

Nottinghamshire is known as Robin Hood County

Mr Hinchcliffe believes Yorkshire should be known as Robin Hood County

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David Hinchcliffe, who represents Wakefield, reckons that Robin Hood was a 12th century outlaw born in his constituency.

Mr Hinchcliffe told BBC Nottingham that consequently the brown tourist signs should be moved 60 miles further north.

He's now leading a parliamentary group lobbying for this to happen.

Paddy Tipping's the MP for Sherwood. He reckons some swashbuckling action is called for to defend Nottinghamshire's honour...

And Richard Rutherford-Moore - who researched a recent TV programme about Robin Hood - reckons the Nottinghamshire connection's impossible to break...

But what do you think... Tell us.

Where is Robin Hood County?

who cares where Robin Hood came from? the fact is he's generated tons of tourist interest in our city of Notts which wouldn't be there otherwise!

many many historians belive robin hood was born in lockley nottingha and later went on to sherwood can we us notinghamshire and yorkshire people agree that back then sherwood forest was ver very big covering half of yorkshire and notts so we can say robin hood reaches to yorks n notts


Andy Chick
What "historical Facts" are there that he came from yorkshire? i mean there are barely enough facts to prove he existed, He is our Legend, tell you what, you can have camalot ok?

Robin hood could have lived anywhere. I need proper proof before I commit myself to believing he was born in Nottingham!

i think that robin hood should stay in nottingham, it shouldn't move to yorkshire.Leave it be.

The Robin Hood signs belong in Yorkshire. I hadn't even heard there were any connections between Nottingham and Robin Hood. He was clearly a Yorkshire man! Also can we have East Midlands Airport back please? Who in the rest of the world could pinpoint Nottingham on a map of the UK? East Midlands geographically speaks for itself...

I bet you lot want the Major bad you can't have it just like you can not have robin hood.

Robin hood belongs in Nottinghamshire you yorkies do not deserve him.
Edwinstowe,I have not heard of a Major Oak in Yorkshire,was not this tree supposed to be one of his hiding places against the Sheriff Mary Armstrong

Pepe Le Punque
Sorry for the low blow 'yorkie', but if Notts were opportunistic in claiming Robin as their own it was probably due to the fact that you Yorkies aren't educated enough in the English language to have seen the "majour opening in genorating a revenue". I, without blowing my horn, have been quite away around the world and whenever I have mentioned the name Nottingham, people relate it to two things: firstly, Robin Hood and all the lore that goes with it (Germans are particularly interested in this) and, secondly, this'll make you sick, FOOTBALL. Yes, I'm afraid that, although you have the oldest footballing nobodies in Sheffield FC, the world recognises the history of...wait for it...that team in Rushcliffe that begins with an 'F'? So, like I say, even if he was a Yorkie (he wasn't), it's only a handful of you lot who believe this, a good 6 billion others don't. Heheheh.

Good god give it a rest theres so many stories about this bit of folklore, but we all know hes widely and worldly known for comin from Notts. And even if Yorkshire had taken there fingers out of their (!) and staked some kind of claim on him it wouldnt work...Robin of the (yorkshire) dales,Sherriff of Hebden Bridge err i dont think so. Get behind your own history and leave ours be!!

robin hood has given a lot to nottingham, maybe yorkshire should look after what they have and stop wanting everyone else's things.

Paul Dey
Hands off Robin Hood, he belongs to Nottinghamshire. Sheriff of York doesn't sound right. Good Luck nottingham

Robin hood belongs in nottingham. I can not see him anywhere else!


Robid hood belongs in nottingham and not anywhere else!!

Where or who ever claims Robin Hood. The rest of the world will take some convincing that he came from anywhere but Nottingham!!

think SOME of you should do a bit of research before commenting on something you obiously dont know anything about. your all going on fiction/folk law NOT FACT Robin was born in yorkshire lived in yorkshire died and his grave is in yorkshire. US yorkshire folk were too busy getting on with our lives and playing with our ferrets when notts came along and saw a majour opening in genorating a revenue. good on ya we were too slow BUT THE TRUTH, IF YOU DARE LOOK UP THE FACTS IS OUT THERE. WERE TAKING THE LEGGAND BACK TO YORKSHIRE SORRY. stop going on what was told to you at school and what you see in the movies ALOT OF ITS NOT TRUE. AS FOR YOU HAVE THE TREE, HA, CANT SEE 150 OF HIS MERRY MEN GETTING IN THERE. THE MERRY MEN WERE MAINLY FROM TICKHILL/DONCASTER AND RESIDED IN THE CASTLE THERE WITH ROBIN UNTIL THEY WERE HELD SIEGE AND DID A RUNNER ELSEWHERE. CAMPSALL CHURCH IS WHERE HE SUPPOSEDLY MARRIED MARRION. HAMPOLE IS WHERE HE AND LITTLE JOHN MET AND FOUGHT. KIRKLEES HALL/ABBY IS WHERE HE FIRED HIS FINAL ARROW ON HIS DEATH BED. ROBIN HOODS WELL,PENNY STONE,GRAVE,HILL,TOWER AND BAY TO NAME JUST A FEW ARE ALL IN YORKS. YES NOTTS HAVE HISTORY OF HIM BUT NOT NEARLY AS MUCH AS YORKS. SORRY BUT HES COMMING HOME.....

luke brown age 14
robin hood is a nottingham ledgans he is not yorkshire so stay here

Paula Notts born in CT USA
I am sorry but I feel you can move all the signs and statues you want but it will never take away the fact that is is the sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood so let them take it they have the whole world to convince it belongs to them hahaha

nottingham born and bread who cares if it is a myth true or false it is how heritage so go to hell you country bumkins

The signs should be in both counties he lived his life in Barnsdale and was drawn to Nottingham by the plight of Sir Richard of the Lee, from there the tradition continues. This is following the testament of the Gest if it is to be believed as historical evidence

Robin of Loxley ? is this Loxley in Sheffield i think he just robbed in Nottingham and came back to Sheffield for all the fit women

if you can move robin hood to yorkshire can you take paul hart as well

frank skinner

Can I just say to Richard M there are at least three Royal Forests in Yorkshire, they are Farndale, Pickering, and Galtres near York. The Sheriff of Nottingham had jurisdiction in both Sherwood Forest and the Royal Forest of the Peak. This was a massive ancient Royal Forest covering much of north Derbyshire around Castleton. The castle there belonged to the Sheriff of Nottingham also. Can I ask if you have searched the Robin Hood web sites? There is a very good one called Robin Hood Bold Outlaw from Loxley. Thanks, Graham.

Little John
please please please dont joke, robin hood is from and always will be from nottingham, im extreamley old and used to be his best mate

David of Doncaster
Pah who cares... the poor guy is buried on top a wardrobe anyways! Sure, Sherwood forest was once part of the tree that go through the woods at Doncaster race course and town moore, but... come off it, he belongs to Nottingham unless there is 100% fact that he was born and LIVED in Doncaster.

nottingham is robin hoods home

The BBC historyonics programme concluded that he was from Barnsdale and moved south to Nottinghamshire. He travelled up as far as Whitby Bay - hence The Robin Hoods Bay) and never as far south as East Midlands Airport so its a silly squabble - he has conncetions with both counties and we shouldn't be so parochial to think he's 100% Notts.

John from Mansfield
Ask anyone from anywhere in the world. The question where do you associate Robin Hood with & the answer is always Nottingham & Sherwood Forest. Well Nottingham & Sherwood forest are both in Nottinghamshire so it answers its self.

elaine jenkins
he came from nottingham so let it be

Lee ex NG2
Not this old chestnut. Well the signs should be posted EVERYWHERE pointing to Nottinghamshire!!! As long as they don't want the Robin Hood Statue, and his arrow, as that was made at the old Royal Ordnance Factory in the Meadows. Anyway, while I am living in the B45 area of Brum, what connection has Robin Hood to the West Midlands ? As there is alot of Road Names and Pubs that relate to Robin Hood. Also there is a Pub called the Robin Hood outside Droitwich Spa. Anyway, Robin Hood was Robin of Loxsley or similar sounding spelling, well Loxsley or similar sounding spelling was a small village located around the borders of Cambridgeshire-Norfolk and Suffolk. So they should have signs there pointing to Notts as well.

What is Mr Hinchcliffe going to do? Steal the statue, the castle, the Tales of Robin Hood attraction, Maid Marian Way (ok, they can have that), the Major Oak, Sherwood Forest... shall I go on? Mr Hinchcliffe clearly hasn't thought this one through...

Sorry but its got to be nottingham.. people in the rest of the world think nottingham so leave it that way... even the hit film says it was nottingham sorry yorkshire....

Kevin Webster
Robin Hood, as far as I know, had connections in both Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire. No definitive records of him exist, so we will just have to speculate. Lincolnshire and Derbyshire also have claims to the famous outlaw, and as all four counties are very close together it is possible any one of them could lay "claim" to Robin. As a Yorkshireman, living in Lincolnshire and close to the Nottinghamshire border, I say "does it matter?". My vote goes to Nottinghamshire.

Society of St George
Records about Robin Hood existed long before Robert Hode of Wakefield (the Yorkshire "Robin") was even born! Hinchcliffe's claim is therefore spurious.

Little John is buried in Hathersage, Derbyshire, Robin Hood in Yorkshire and where was the baddy of the affair based? Nottingham. Luckily we can all come together soon when the Forest moves to the same place as Hillsborough.

Nottingham, Nottingham, Nottingham. However, the City Council should think seriously about how they should be promoting the stories of Robin Hood and turning him in to the money spinner that everyone else recognises him to be - why else do you think that wakefield want him?

Richard M
There are 700-year old ballads which have survived through the ages which speak of the notorious exploits of Robin Hood in the ROYAL forests - sorry Yorkshire, but you don't have any Royal Forests, only Sherwood Forest can lay claim to that one. There's stacks more stuff to say Robin Hood was from Nottingham & environs. Mr. Hinchcliffe is merely an opportunist blinded by the fact that 'a' Robin Hood may have visitied Yorkshire many years ago. Big deal.

Get your own Robin Hood!

Ian M Smith
I gre up in Nottingham and now live in Arizona, USA. I am often asked 'where are you from?' and when I say Nottingham I mostly get blank stares until I add 'Robin Hood, Sheriff of Nottingham' then they get it. That said, why cant we share? Shakespere was born in Warwickshire, but his plays became famous at the Globe in London. Both places advertise their connection.

The Wakefield Robin Hood was born centuries after well known outlaws were already being given that name as a universal nickname for a law breaker. Could it not be that the Yorkshire version is just another tagger-on in a centuries old myth about an unidentifiable character who was probably simply a pagan fairy story. The stories we are left with today are set in one place, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire. Let's leave them there. They are the facts, if Mr. Hinchcliffe disagrees, i'll tell him exactly what he can do with his White rose......

As a derby lad born and bred, i'm with my nottingham cousins on this one, the people of Yorkshire need to calm down and have a word with themselves, what difference will it make to them anyway! You can move the signs but it won't make a difference, people will never associate wakefiled with Robin hood. He's from nottingham and that's that!

As a Yorkshire man living in Nottingham I feel a little sorry for the Nottingham folk. Let them keep their Robin Hood stories which are are probably only 20% true anyway. Yorkshire has far more history than Nottinghamshire most of which is backed up by facts and historic buildings so let Nottingham keep their fairy stories.

There's an old Yorkshire quote; "Hear all, see all and say nowt. And if tha ever does owt for nowt, allus do fer thisen". Sounds just like the Sheriff of Nottingham to me !

One minute we are 'Scabs' the next minute, they want robin hood of of us? When we they realise that the minors strike was 20 years ago! get over it and leave us alone. It will take more than Robin Hood to regenerate Yorkshire. I think they are just jealous that Nottingham is a thriving metropolis that can attract lucrative business

I think they're still a bit upset about the miners strike!!

John B
Robin Hood County is Nottinghamshire, Thats were Sherwood Forest is read the books and see the films. we should have the government put some spin on this and get the lotto to give money to support the tourists trade in our great county,EMA should be renamed Robin Hood Airport?

When i went abroad and some one ask where i came I said Nottingham they said you know about Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest because Robin Hood is Nottingham

Eddie from Stabbo
For god's sake! Give Robin Hood to Yorkshire!!! Do we really need him? There's more to Nottingham than Robin Hood. Lots more! By the way, the statue of Robin Hood is NOT made of fibreglass - only the arrow (which keeps getting stolen). Also, could you good guys in I.T. please make this text box bigger?

barbara green
robin hood died at kirklees priory in west yorkshire.He was bled to death by his kinswoman the prioress of kirklees. so don't get your greentights in a twist--he was in both counties,so there's no need tp quarrel about it!


Duncan Cobbett
I think he should stay in Notts because we adopted him and have loved him for generations.

Three preferred options for the name of the airport. 1) Errol Flynn International. 2) O'Neill International ( Martin was the manager of Leicester City for a very successful period). 3) Leave it alone and call it Esat Midlands.

Take the signs and Nottingham to Yorkshire and give East Midlands it's airport back.

The Leicester Mercury ran an independant survey in the Netherlands to find out what the Dutch knew about Nottingham. Most of them thought it was the place where that film with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts that was the follow up to 4 weddings was set. Nottingham is not as famous as you think it is !

andy (again)
Got to say, I'm with John on his theory... A real money spinner if we were to market it correct! And let Nottingham East Midlands Airport bring the punters in... We could have a Robin Hood Formula 1 race , from the Grand Prix circuit at Donnington, which we could also "Rob from the rich" ! :-) Andy

Hands off yorkshire stop trying a "Robin" of our Mr Hood. After all we have the Major Oak. like John's idea.

John Pearson
The signs actually say Robin Hood Country!!. For what our council do to promote Robin, they may as well let them go elswhere. Basically, take down the signs and you have the councils view on anything that will promote our area and the worlds best known outlaw,( a marketing man's dream),They are not interested!. Lets also bin all the related jobs and business's linked to "OUR" hero.Let's not have all the tourism based income. Let us take down our FIBREGLASS!! statue of Robin and Little John in Sherwood forest.Lets chop down Englands most famous tree (standing only by virtue of 12th century technology) a sight to behold. We are a great City, but so are others, but we have "Robin Hood". Without him people from across the world will come to NOTTINGHAM and spend there dollars and euros to see our, mmmm! let me think,ah, our CASTLE, but then again we don't really have one, and of course no mention of Robin inside where the castle was, sorry, there is a topiary bush, oop's, thats gone now!We have a statue or two outside though! oh and yes we have a ---TRAM, Sorry, I forgot, and trams are a non profit making attraction, that just make the city so attractive!!!.So I say to MY council DO YOUR JOB listen to the people who,pay you, and put you where you are, but then WE can SCRAP YOU at the next election.Would York ditch the vikings, no, they are happy to spend millions to earn more millions, would Strat-on-Avon bin Shakespear?.This council would better serve the people of Nottingham, by returning to the planet they came from!!, then perhaps we can vote in a council who know a gift horse when they see one.

you good people of nottingham dont like it when the boots on the other foot do you? you pinched our airport, hopefuly yorkshire will reclaim robin hood back to were he belongs.


Leave everything as is. What next. There are other things to worry about

sounds to me like mr hinchcliffe has a lot of time on his hands......he should try doing some proper work for his constituancy for a change

daniel, derby
i'am from nottingham orginally and agree with everyone that say the signs should stay in nottingham it's a part of our heritage so stick by robin and keep him in nottingham!!!

Sara Satti
Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest, Major Oak - all about and from Nottingham, what next - will Yorkshire claim our Goose Fair, DH Lawrence and Lord Bryon too?

Finally, after all the fuss about naming a Derby airport "Nottingham", we have a sensible idea. Perhaps York Minster could be relocated to Buxton to complete the absurdity!

if you can move robin hood to yorkshire can you take paul hart as well

robin hood
Wakefield must a wonderful, problem free area if Mr Hinchcliffe has so much spare time that he spends his days asking for signs to be moved. Anyway, robin hood may well be from yorkshire, he may well have lived there but it is his numerous run-ins with the Sheriff of Norringham that has made him folklore. At least now we know why sheffield is known as the "steal" city.

Adam Park
Bob, didn't know the airport was named Robin Hood East Midlands??

Did Robin Hood eat fatty puddings, or keep a pigeon in his pocket? Did he walk the Dales....? NO! hE roamed around Sherwood Forest, fought Little John near Walesby and had came to our city. Yorkshire are just desparate for a bit of publicity.

Maybe Notts County could swap Robin Hood for a couple of Leeds players. Robin Hood for Paul Robinson and James Milner + £10 million.

Does Mr Hinchcliffe have anything for a part-exchange?

What a silly idea?

Are the Yorkshire lot going to come and uproot the Major Oak as well?

If Robin Hood moves to Yorkshire does that mean we'll have to rename the airport again?

Tell us where you think the Robin Hood County signs should stand:



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