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24 September 2014

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November 2002
Raleigh Chopper history
Row of Raleigh Choppers
A row of Raleigh Choppers.
The Raleigh Chopper was one of the most coveted 'must have' possessions in the 1970s, read all about the history of the bike.

Send us your pictures for the gallery:

Raleigh Chopper gallery

Interview with Chopper enthusiast:

Raleigh Chopper mad

Send your Raleigh stories and pictures of you and your Raleigh Chopper here.


Raleigh Choppers Owners Club

Raleigh Chopper Owners Club


Dream targets : Raleigh Chopper

Choppers extreme

Raleigh factory pictures

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Raleigh was founded in 1888 when Sir Frank Bowden bought an interest in a small bicycle company on Raleigh Street in Nottingham, England.

Its early commercial success was based on quality machines raced by international cycling champions. By 1892 Raleigh led the world in bicycle racing success, winning over 2,300 prizes worldwide.

The Raleigh Chopper was designed by Alan Oakley in the late sixties.
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The Raleigh Chopper has achieved cult status is proven by its huge fan base and the success of the Raleigh Chopper Owners Club.

UK Raleigh Chopper Production Timeline
1968 First prototypes are tested.
1970 Production of the MK 1, through to 1972
1971 Production of the MK 11, through to 1980. MK1 first built with a high back rest.
1972 Production of the Raleigh Chopper Sprint.
1973 Production of the Raleigh Chopper Sprint ends. Production of the Raleigh Chopper 5 speed begins.
1976 Production of the Raleigh Chopper special edition begins.
1977 Production of the Raleigh Chopper special edition ends.
1980 Production of MK 11 ceases production.

Raleigh Chopper Model Information
Year Model Specifications
1968 Early Choppers 3 speed sturmey-archer hub, no sissy bar springs, thinner handlebars, cables run through frame.
1969 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub, no sissy bar springs
1969 - 70 Up turn cleets, 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub and high back rest
1969 - 70 back brake cable through frame, 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub and 10 speed
1970 - 73 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub
1969 - 71 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub high back rest
1970 - 71 MK1 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub back pedal brake
1969 - 71 High back rest, 5 speed derailleur
1969 - 70 5 speed Sturmey-Archer hub or 3+2
1969 - 71 10 speed derailleur
1970 Single speed pedal back brake
1971-72 Girls 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub (no cross bar)
1973 Late MK2 bars and sissy bar
1973 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub, MK1 bars, front wheel, crank
1973-82 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub (standard)
1972-74 Sprint, 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub, thinner tyres, drop handlebars, smaller sissy bar, longer seat
1973-76 MK11 5 speed derailleur
1976-77 Special Edition, hub brake
1973 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub with short sprint sissy bar
1973 Gold 9ct, 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub

Send us your Raleigh stories and pictures of you and your Raleigh Chopper.

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