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16 October 2014
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WWII - D-Day
Stanley Burrows MBE

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Ross Genovese - July '08
My Grandfather was John Nelson Rainey. He was in the Royal Artillert 9th Anti Aircraft Regiment in 192 - 1945. he was born in Ulster and his arm number was 7021764. Does anyone know him or gave details on him. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

David Rutherford (NI Army Cadet Force) - Apr '07
Had the pleaseure of accompaning Stanley on a battlefield tour, a wonderful gent who never forgot his comrades

Gregory Dixon - Nov '06
My uncle Kevin Dickson was at the Normandy landings. I've never met him as after the war he went to australia to join the australian army. I would be very interested if anyone remembers him. He came from Ballinderry, county Antrim.

Kieran McCabe - July '06
My grandfather Tom McCabe was in the Ulster Rifles, he was born in Northern Ireland where he joined at a young age before the war, he also did not like to speak in detail about his experiences in WW2. He was wounded in the stomach by shrapnel and later recovered in hospital, then went back into the war until it ended. He went into the TA in Reading after the war ended and was Colour Sergeant. he has now passed away and is missed. When I was younger, the family had a picture of him (big guy in the back row) with his platoon and I cannot find it now after searching for it. I don't know the platoon in which he was in but i would hope that someone will know if I can possibly find another. Thank you ...

Sandra Calbert - Mar 06
Does any body know the whereabouts of Andy charles my father was in his battalion Cambes woods when seiged by them. Id like to write to Andy to see if he has any information on my late father who passed away at 54yrs old here in Australia. Can SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS MUCH APPRECIATED. mY FATHER WAS BOSRN sTEVENSTON aYRSHIRE sCOTLAND

Dear Sir
I am writing to find out if Andy Charles is still available for information. Ive been looking everywhere for information on my late father Robert Greig Bone they used to call him Scottie/Bob/Jock he was born Stevenston Ayrshire Scotland.Born 1926 .In british Military.Army. By surprise i am sure he is in the photo of the2nd battalion of the Royal Ulsters Rifles,3rd Division, i found it by chance.I would like to know if Andy Charles can contact me because im so sure its my late father who passed over at age 54yrs in Australia.The interview took place with bbc 12th june 2004 or even his next of kin could email me, its very important to me as i want to know more about my dad.I realise Stanley Burrows has passed over.My fathers photo is second from bottom right and 3rd along hes only 5ft something
Hope you can help me much appreciated
Sandra Calbert - Australia Tamworth

Sandy Calbert - Mar 06
High Stuart Clarke,
I found this photo by mistake and my father is in it. He is second row from front to the right. I was looking for more info on my father and its great just by chance. His infantry Ninthplatoon A company, 2nd battalion. 3rd division Royal ulster rifle infantry.

Stanley's Platoon
Ninth Platoon, A Company 2nd Battalion of the Royal Ulster Rifles - Hawick 1945.

this photograph Sandy refers to is from the main article - click here to read it

As you know they were very corageous men and liberated Cean.
I actually read all the info and its very sad. My father had a mental illness after the war WW11.He was born Ayrshire Stevenston Scotland.He came to Australia and died 1982 at 54yrs old. Only nine of this division survived from what i read.I dont know any others,sorry. Do you know anything about this division have you any photos you can email me. My fathers name Robert Greig Bone Scottie
Hope I've helped you
Sandy Calbert, Tamworth nsw Australia

Andrew Ludlow - May'05
I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Burrows and all the others that fought to preserve our way of life. The 2nd Royal Ulster Rifles had a reputation for being one of the toughest batallions in the 3rd Division. For a long time I have been interested in the history of the 2nd Battalion and so to read a first hand account of one of its soldiers is very interesting for the reasons I will explain below.

I am the grandson of John (Jack) McMillan, who was also in 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles. Unfortunately I do not know which platton or company he was in. He joined the regiment in the early Thirties and whilst stationed at Gravesend, Kent met and married my Grandmother. I know he was posted to Palestine prior to the outbreak of WW2 and was with the Rifles during the retreat to Dunkirk. In 1944 he returned to Europe and remained with 2nd RUR until the end of hostilities. I would like to learn more about my Grandfather, who would never talk about the war. He died in 1973 when I was only 13 and so I never got to talk to him in any real depth. After the war he was an active member of the Gravesend Branch of the RUR association. So if anyone does remember him please contact me.

Because of him and his association with the regiment I am a keen collector of RUR militaria. I have a number of Items that have belonged to other members of the 2nd Battalion and it would be nice to learn a little about these people too. I have a group of medals that were awarded to SJT AE Randall and a blanket box that went to Palestine and back belonging to P/SJT Philpot. So please, if anyone can provide me with further information, contact me on my e-mail address:


Stuart Clark - March '05
Hello my name is Stuart Clark. I am a grandson of Hugh Brown. My grandfather was also in 2nd Battalion RUR, although I don't know which platoon/company.

Does anyone have the names of the soldiers in the photos on the page?

Stanley's Platoon
Ninth Platoon, A Company 2nd Battalion of the Royal Ulster Rifles - Hawick 1945.



Alex Jackson, Australia - November '04

I've lived 45 of my 47 years in Melbourne, Australia and so many might think I've no right to have any opinion on the Northern Irish topics on your website. Maybe they're right.

My father was from Omagh and like so many others from the two halves of Ireland he volunteered to join up to the allied forces in world war 2. I recently found out that he lied about his age to get joining. He is dead now, but I can remember listening to his stories when I was a lot younger. The experiences that his generation had to go through was like nothing we today can possibly imagine.

I have spent a few hours reading through the war stories on your internet site from war veterans and just felt i should say thank you for putting these special life histories on the record for everyone to read and contemplate.

If the BBC didn't do this who would?

David Colhoun (principal) - November - '04
Stanley Burrows was a former pupil at our school, Harding Memorial P.S. His story has been of great interest and has been used for assembly time. He certainly was an exceptional character. An invitation had been extended to Mr Burrows to visit his old school; unfortunately he was ill at the time. It is with regret that we recently were made aware of his death.

Tom Briezman - August 2004
A remarkable story from a remarkable man.
Tom from Ontario

Marcus Garvey - August 2004

Having met Mr. Burrows recently whilst on a holiday in Northern Ireland, it was an absolute pleasure to read the above article about his accomplishments. He was and is a very brave man and long my he survive to pass on some stories about his distinguished past.

Bobby Beck
Dear Sir / Madam

Do you know if Stuart Clark - March '05 has a answer about the photo :
Ninth Platoon, A Company 2nd Battalion of the Royal Ulster Rifles - Hawick 1945.

I am looking for more information about R. W. ( Bob ) Beck he was a frend of Stanley Burrows and Crangles

My e-mail adres is (Netherlands)




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