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Image of a ShipThe Northern Ireland tourist industry earned £322m in 1999. £265m of this came from non-residents and £57m from residents.

Tourism contributes 1.8% of Northern Ireland's G.D.P (Gross Domestic Product) compared to 7% in the Republic of Ireland, 5% in Scotland and 7.5% in Wales.
It is reckoned that if Northern Ireland reached the same level as Scotland 20,000 new jobs could be sustained. Currently tourism employs about 12,500 people in Northern Ireland.

Where do tourists come from?

Non-resident tourists made 1,655,000 trips to Northern Ireland in 1999. Residents took 180,000 long holidays (4days or more) in Northern Ireland.
The largest number of trips to Northern Ireland were made from Great Britain (1,002,000) by the Republic of Ireland (384,000).

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