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KS3 Geography
Sustainable Development
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Term: Meaning:
  Conflict   fight, struggle  
  Decentralisation   distribute administrative powers among local centres  
  Decimate   to destroy a large portion  
  Deprived   prevented from having normal benefits and services  
  Ford   a shallow place where a river can be crossed  
  Infrastructure   road, rail, ports, airports, telecommunications network  
  Land Use   what land is used for  
  Medieval   of the Middle Ages (5th - 15th Centuries)  
  Promontory   point of land jutting out into the sea  
  Public realm   open areas like parks or squares for public use  
  Regeneration   bring into renewed existence  
  Remit   terms of reference (outline of responsibilities)  
  Residential   suitable for or occupied by private houses  
  Revolutionised   having brought about a complete change  
  Rural   countryside  
  Settlement   a place where people live  
  Stagnating   cease to flow, dull or sluggish  
  Suburb   outlying residential part of a city  
  Sustainable   managing resources so that they will last  
  Urban   belonging to a city or town  
  Weir   dam across a river to raise level of water upstream or regulate flow  

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