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Not that we're comparing Kowalski to a sickly bird, but it's fair to say that we've taken the lads under our wing since they emerged on the local scene with their unique brand of sweet, bravura indie-pop.

You can follow them all the way back to 2007 here, and their appearance on the third series of ATL TV performing What's In The Bag Boss. The trail went cold for a bit some time after that, but if you follow the journey you shall surely be rewarded, for along the way you'll find an archive audio session, plenty of reading material and a cracking session recorded recently to rejoice in their renaissance.

As we said earlier, we're not comparing them to a sickly bird or anything, but we did notice that one of the tracks they treated us to there was called Take Care, Take Flight. We took care, they took flight. Welcome back boys.

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