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24 September 2014
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Title - Extra Norfolk

No let-up until Mummerzet is off the airwaves

By Keith Skipper,
Friends Of Norfolk Dialect

audio. "We're Norfolk and we're proud of it" - hear why Friends of Norfolk Dialect chairman Keith Skipper finds his dwile so handy and why he is such a firm defender of his roots (Real G2 2' 14")

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As friends of Norfolk dialect square up to the challenges of a second year in operation, it is clear that the honeymoon is over - and the routine hard graft just started.

Indeed, as FOND's voice grown louder both in this country and beyond, agitation and aggression must be matched by achievement.

"Thass no good puttin' yar foot down if yew hent got a leg ter stand on"

When Aunt Agatha said: "Thass no good puttin' yar foot down if yew hent got a leg ter stand on," she probably had that sort of progress in mind.

It was right to put down proper roots, to set out specific aims in the name of conserving and recording our priceless linguistic and cultural heritage.

This is a serious campaign
with long-term ambitions

Plenty of laughs along the way - and that will continue to be the case - but this is a serious campaign with long-term ambitions. We have started work in earnest in setting up a sound archine and looked hopefully at the chance of obtaining a healthy grant to help with this project.

County archivist Dr John Alban fully supports FOND's ideas while the Norfolk Record Office eagerly awaits our first contributions.

Much of the material could come from FOND members themselves as they share enthusiasms at our gatherings around Norfolk and in their daily dealings in village, town and city. There's a lot of natural talent to be tapped.

We'll keep on moaning until Mummerset
has been wiped off the map

We have written to some of the top people in broadcasting to air renewed complaints about bogus accents in drama productions set in Norfolk. We have offered to help them get it right. We'll keep on moaning under Mummerzet has been wiped off the map.

Meanwhile, it is up to every FOND member to spread the genuine word, to praise or protest whenever necessary and to take a real pride in belonging to a growing organisation bringing a dash of colour to an increasingly grey world.

Fare yer well tergether - an' dew yew mind you yew go!

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