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24 September 2014
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Last updated: 31 October 2005 1351 GMT
Graphic: Make your own magical wizard's hat and wand
Picture: Girl dressed as Hermione with a boy dressed as an alien
You too can make a wizard's wand and hat - just like Harry Potter

Follow this step-by-step guide to make your own wizard's hat and wand for Halloween and start casting your spells!

Read the tips on staying safe when trick-or-treating

Picture: the finished wizard's hat
The finished wizard's hat

Now that Halloween is here, it's a great time to get creative and make yourself a wizard's hat and wand.

Follow our easy instructions and you too can look like Harry Potter!

WARNING: Scissors can be dangerous.

Make sure you ask an adult for their help before you start on your hat.

What you will need:

Picture: Equipment

A large piece of black felt (one metre from a roll)
A smaller
piece of yellow felt (about a third of a metre)
A pair of scissors
PVA glue
Double-sided tape
White chalk or wax crayon
Felt tip pen
A small side plate for marking out the felt

Graphic: cat



Picture: step one Step 1
Fold out the black felt. Place the plate on the felt at one corner, making sure there is a two-inch border all the way around it. Mark around the plate with the chalk then draw a second circle 2ins from the outside your original circle.
Step 2
Cut out the circles along the marks you have drawn. (These will make the brim of the hat). Do this twice.
Picture: step two
Picture: step two You should end up with two felt circles - looking a bit like a pair of spectacles.
Graphic: witch
Step 3
Cut straight along the cone shape at the base to neaten it off.
Picture: step three
Picture: step three Step 4
Take the rest of the felt and make a cone shape. Fasten it together with double-sided tape.
Step 5
Along the bottom of the cone, cut slits up into it about two inches long and two inches apart. Then place a piece of double-sided tape on each segment.
Picture: step four
Picture: step five
Graphic: cat
Step 6
Take the point of the cone and pull it through the centre of one of the brim circles until it reaches the top of the slits. Fold over and stick onto the underside of the circle (brim).
Step 7
Take the other felt circle and put PVA glue around the top then stick it on the underside of the brim of your hat. This will sandwich all of the pieces together securing it better and it will stiffen the brim a little.
Picture: step six

Picture: step seven

Step 8
Take the yellow felt and draw some stars and half moon shapes on it.


Step 9
When you have done a fair few, cut them out and start sticking them onto your hat using the double-sided tape.
Picture: step eight

You are now ready to wear your wizard's hat!

Graphic: witch

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