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27 November 2014
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28 August 2002 1609 BST
Your questions answered: Stephen Fry
Picture: Stephen Fry reads to an audience.
Stephen Fry enjoying a good book

Thanks to everyone who sent in their questions for our interview with Norfolk's multi-talented Stephen Fry.

Read what he had to say in response.


Stephen Fry plays The Minister in Doctor Who

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Perhaps best known for his Blackadder appearances and his role as Oscar Wilde in the film Wilde, the comedian, actor and writer grew up in Booton, near Reepham in Norfolk.

He briefly attended Gresham's School in Holt before going to prep school in Gloucestershire.

He returned to Norfolk to re-sit his A-levels at the college of West Anglia, formerly the Norfolk College of Arts and Technology in King's Lynn, before going on to study at Cambridge University.

A passionate supporter of the Canaries, Stephen gets to as many matches as he can from his West Norfolk home, where he can relax and get away from the buzz of London.

You spend your time making people laugh - but what makes you laugh?

Mark Finch, Surrey

SF: PG Woodhouse novels, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore tapes, Fawlty Towers, Alan Partridge - the usual suspects.

If given a choice between your career or a career playing football for Norwich, which would you choose?

Patricia Cherry, Lancs

SF: My career as is really - not that I would dislike playing for Norwich but it is such a short thing, a career in sport.

You are seen by many as an ideal dinner party guest, but which people (historical or contemporary) would you like to invite to a dinner party and why?

David Rayner, Norfolk

SF: Oscar Wilde, obviously really, for wit and charm. Queen Elizabeth I too - a very witty and extraordinary woman.

Can you remember reading any particular book as a child that had a profound influence on your view of life, the universe, etc?

Amanda Williams

SF: CS Lewis' Screwtape Letters. A mixture of wit, insight and brilliance of the kind you rarely meet.

Your lack of enthusiasm for participating in sport at school is well-known. If you could invent a sport that even you would have enjoyed taking part in, what would it be?

Helen Simmons, Norfolk

Stephen Fry: If there were a mixture of cricket, poker and snooker that would be it, I reckon. Hard to imagine but I wish someone would invent it!

Picture: Stephen Fry gives a radio interview.
Another radio interview for Stephen Fry

You have a great command of language, but which are your least favourite words and why?

Rebecca Hobbs, Derby

SF: 'Hopefully' and 'disinterested' are nearly always used wrongly and, although it's silly to be pedantic, it annoys me. But the worst is 'energy' when used in a meaningless, new-age sort of way, as in 'positve energy' and all that arse-wallop.

If you were to appear in Star Wars would you like to be on the dark side of the force, the goody-goody Luke Skywalker side or would a whole new side have to be invented?

Ffion Rogers, North Wales

SF: Definitely the dark side. Better lines, better costumes, better music and better opportunities to show off. Just what an actor likes best really.

You obviously appreciate the beauty and tranquility of Norfolk. How would you achieve the balance of keeping these features and yet catering for and encouraging the vital tourist industry?

Sally Rode, Norfolk

SF: It's a hard one. If the M11 were to continue up to Norwich it would make it easier to get to, but would it be deleterious to the county? I run hot and cold on this one.

When recording the Harry Potter tapes, what triggers do you use to remind you which voice to use?

Lisa Hodges, from East Sheen

SF: Good question - the recording engineer made a CD which contains all the voices and if I have forgotten one he plays the voice through to me in my little glass recording box. I think I would definitely forget otherwise. Children really notice these things too - one 10-year-old told me that I'd altered Dumbledore's age between audio books two and three.



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