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24 September 2014
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24 September 2004 1604 BST
Gobi desert kite buggy adventure
Picture: Kieron, Brian and Peter in the Gobi desert
Kieron, Brian and Peter in the Gobi desert

Two men from Norfolk have completed their 600 mile journey of the Gobi desert, in their kite buggies.

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Kite zone website
Lonely Planet: Gobi desert

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Kite buggies bid to cross desert
bullet point. The Gobi desert is part of China and Mongolia.
bullet point.   Temperatures range from 45 deg Cin summer to -40 deg C in winter.
bullet point.   The Gobi desert is the source of some of the greatest fossil finds in history including dinosaur eggs.
bullet point.   Unlike the sandy Sahara, the Gobi is comprised mainly of barren expanses of gravel plains and rocky outcrops
bullet point.   The desert and the surrounding regions sustain many animals, including black-tailed gazelles, marbled polecats, and greater plovers and are occasionally visited by snow leopards, brown bears, and wolves.
bullet point.   Although sparsely inhabited, nomadic Mongolian shepherds criss-cross the Gobi, moving from Altanbulag in Mongolia to Beijing in China.
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Crossing the Gobi desert is no easy feat, but a team of three men - of whom two are from Norfolk - have travelled 625 miles of Mongolia's harsh desert using wind-powered buggies.

Kieron Bradley and Peter Ash who are both from Norwich, and Professor Brian Cunningham, of Manchester, came up with the idea after watching a travel documentary on the area of Gobi.

Mr Bradley, an ex-Formula One engineer designed the three-wheel, aluminium-framed buggies, which had large tyres and roll bars to protect the pilot in the event of a crash.

"I thought I'd over-designed these buggies, but when I see what they've been through I think I got it just about right," he said.

"This was the toughest ordeal any kite-buggying rig has undergone, but it was worth every minute," said Peter Ash.

The men provided an exclusive diary of their expedition for BBC Norfolk.

Diary entry:
Wednesday 22 September

We are now camped within 10km of our destination after a superb day.

Yesterday was hard with difficult wind but today more than made up for it.

We covered just under 82km over the best terrain we've seen so far. However, there was a sting in the tail with a difficult traverse of some very rocky hills towards the end of the day.

We could have finished the final 10km today but instead we deliberately stopped here to avoid camping close to the town.

People are so interested in our expedition that we would certainly be mobbed if we continued into Olziyt.

We will finish the final 10km tomorrow.

It is hard for us to realise that we have now completed the first kite-powered crossing of the Gobi Desert.

All our gear and our support team have been great.

The PKD Century kites have been brilliant in the most demanding of conditions. We have not had a single kite failure despite some desperate weather and horrible terrain.

The buggies have taken dreadful punishment and are still going strong.

We are hugely grateful to all our sponsors for their enthusiastic support and for having the faith in us to complete this adventure.

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Your comments:

Well done Kieron and mates. what a wonderful thing to achieve! Glad you are back safe and sound-very proud of you XX
Jayne, Thorpe Rd Norwich

Now that you've murdered the Gobi, why don't you bring your buggies over to the Mojave and we'll catch some sick air. Word 'em up!
Sam Snow, Wrightwood, California

I'm really interested to hear more about the Parastorm buggies. They have obviously been fantastic. Are they expensive and who sells them?

Pete, hear you're bombing along nicely. Small beer when you return ?
Kevin & Jack

keep going lads!
Read About Norfolk

Get on with it Peter, services to be done! Good luck
Steven Ives, Norfolk

Go bro, keep it up!
Bruce Ash

A few of us at Lotus are following your adventures. Keep it up and safe journey.
Mark, Norfolk

All the best, lets hope you get some good winds soon. we will follow your progress with great interest
Jean and David Hawke Norfolk

well done lads now the aeroflot bits over the rest should be a breeze. or should that be a gale!!! keep the cameras rolling and clean all the best Ray

Good Luck Uncle Pete You Can do it.
Imogen and Finlay Ash

Good luck on your adventure we shall watch your progress with great interest on the website.
John and Meda Hilton, Bolton

Are you using Parastorm buggies? If so, where can I buy one?
Scott Ashcroft, Canada

My crazy brother (Kieron), Always thought you had problems with wind! Hope you're well. In UK 17-30 Sept & will check on the kids. Love you very much. Come back safetly. Lallo xxx
Annabel Bradley, Atyrau Kazakhstan

Superb challenge! I wish you fair weather and loads of luck. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you
Lance Green, South Korea

I think this is a great idea - what a challenge! Good luck on your travels.


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