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Japan has worst heatwave since recorded began

Japan is experiencing one of its worst heatwaves since records began in 1875. On Wednesday temperatures soared to above 35C for the fifth day in a row. The heat is likely to continue for the next few days according to weather officials.
Women wearing summer kimonos use portable fans and un umbrella to shelter from the sun. Scientists say extreme weather like heatwaves will happen more often, last longer and be more intense because of climate change.
Women wearing summer kimonos use portable fans and an umbrellaREUTERS/Issei Kato
A woman wipes her face while out walking in Tokyo. The world's average temperature has already warmed 1.1C since the levels before the industrial era and the impact of the warming is now being felt around the world.
A woman wiping her faceREUTERS/Issei Kato
People take a break under a cooling mist on the streets.
People take a break under a cooling mistREUTERS/Issei Kato
A worker sits in an office with the lights switched off. This week Japan's government urged people in the capital, Tokyo and areas nearby, to use less electricity. There have been issues with power since an earthquake earlier this year and the demand for electricity has increased. Officials have said people can still use air conditioning to keep themselves cool, but that they should try to turn off unnecessary lights.
An employee of Tokyo Metropolitan Government office works inside the office with partially switched off lights during daytime to take power-saving measuresREUTERS/Issei Kato
A mum and her son play in the fountain. Splashing in the water looks fun but these high temperatures Japan has been having can be very uncomfortable for many people. Cases of heatstroke have risen during this heatwave.
Mother and son play in fountain parkEPA/KIMIMASA MAYAMA
Women walks with an umbrella to shade her from sun in Japan. June is normally rainy season for Japan, but the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) announced the end to the season - 22 days earlier than normal.
Women walks with an umbrella to shade from sun in JapanPHILIP FONG/AFP via Getty Images