VOTE: Should there be a bedtime at sleepovers?

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Lots of children like to stay up late at sleepovers

Lots of children enjoy a good old sleepover! What's not to love? A chance to hang out with friends, eat lots of yummy food and, perhaps staying up late!

However, one parent's concerns about a sleepovers has sparked online discussions.

She was unhappy when she heard what time her child went to sleep whilst at a sleepover.

"It turns out she and her friend were up until 4.30 am," she wrote.

Lots of other parents shared their thoughts on the situation. Some agreed 4.30am was too late for bedtime, whilst others didn't think it was a problem at all.

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Sleepovers can be lots of fun!

"I'm sure was when I was eight my mother was constantly telling us to pipe down!!" replied one person.

"4.30am is ridiculous" another person commented.

But what do you think?

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Parents may have different opinions on what time children should be heading to bed at a sleepover, but we want to hear from you!

Do you stay up late when you go to sleepovers, or are you expected to be asleep by a certain time?

Do you think you should have to go to bed at sleepovers at a particular time?

If so, when do you think is reasonable? Let us know in the comments!

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