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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Cute dogs strut their stuff !

A huge dog show, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has taken place in New York in America. We take a look at some of the smartest dogs taking part.
Trumpet the bloodhound showed off his skills in the ring with his owner. He won the 'Best in Show' title, well done!!
Trumpet the dog in the ring with owner.MIKE SEGAR
This was the 146th year the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has taken place. Check out this Skye terrier, it's so fluffy!
Skye Terrier and owner.MIKE SEGAR/reuters
This is Belle, she is a English setter and won in the Sporting Group category.
English Setter.MIKE SEGAR/reuters
This little cutie is a Dandie Dinmont terrier. How well groomed it is! Clearly they went for a haircut just before the show.
Danie Dinmont Terrier.MIKE SEGAR/reuters
Treat time for this mastiff, it must have been a very good dog.
Mastiff being fed a treat.MIKE SEGAR/reuters
We can tell why this Lakeland Terrier won in the Terrier category.
Lakeland Terrier.Peter Foley/EPA
Action shot! This is a wire fox terrier running with its owner during the competition in New York.
Wire Fox Terrier competing.MIKE SEGAR/reuters
Trumpet gives his owner a sloppy kiss after his big win. Paw-some work all round.
Dog licks owner's face.MIKE SEGAR/reuters