A small tree frog has been found in a bag of bananas in London

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Dominican tree frogRSPCA

A small tree frog has been discovered in a bag of bananas more than 4,000 miles from its home.

The tiny creature had travelled from the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean, to London in the UK inside a bunch of bananas.

The little frog, which is only around 3cm long, was discovered by a shopper who was unpacking his fruit in South London.

A worker from the RSPCA - which is an animal welfare charity, was called to collect the frog when it was found.

When the frog was discovered, it had an injured leg, but it was taken to Heathrow Animal Reception Centre to be looked after.

Philip Norman from the RSPCA said, "It can be difficult to identify species of frog, but it's believed to be a Hispaniolan common tree frog or a Dominican tree frog.

"The shopper had quite the shock when he unwrapped [the bananas] at home to find the little frog inside. This little one has had quite the adventure."

The Hispaniolan tree frog is common on the Hispaniola Island in the Caribbean.

The bunch of bananas that the shopper bought were picked on the island, so the frog must have been hiding inside so got an unexpected trip to the UK.

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