Platinum Jubilee: PJ the corgi emoji!

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PJ-the-corgi-emojiPA Media
Meet PJ!

The Royal Families social media account announced a pretty cute new addition to the emoji family.

A new crown-wearing smiling corgi emoji named PJ!

PJ is named for the jubilee and can be used when talking about the jubilee on social media.

The Royal Family social media account said: "Meet PJ the corgi, our Jubilee emoji!"

PJ is a cheeky looking corgi, tongue out, smiling and wearing a purple and silver crown - in keeping with with the Jubilee theme.

Clarence House another of the Royal's social media accounts wrote: A warm and waggy-tailed welcome to PJ the corgi!".

PJ-the-corgi-emojiPA Media
PJ is also a GIF on other social media sites!

It's no secret that The Queens favourite breed of dog is a corgi.

In her 70 year reign she has owned over 30 of them.

Her first corgi was called Susan and she was gifted to The Queen on her 18th birthday.

The Queen currently has three dogs.

Two corgi puppies called Muick and Sandy and a dorgi a corgi/dachshund cross called Candy!

Corgis are also going to be part of the finale in the Jubilee Pageant but in puppet form causing mischief on The Mall.

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