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World record attempt for biggest gathering of vampires

Have you ever seen so many vampires?! Well the world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as vampires has been broken, with 1,369 people coming together at Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire for the event. This broken the previous record of 1,039 set in 2011 in Virginia, USA. The event was organised to mark 125 years since the book Dracula was published which is all about Count Dracula the vampire.
The famous tale of Dracula was said to have been inspired by the author's - Bram Stoker - trip to Whitby, which is why the event took place there. The huge meeting was organised by England Heritage, a charity that manages over 400 historic monuments.
Vampires at Whitby abbeyPA Media
There were participants of every age at the gathering. In order to break the record, the "vampires" needed to stand together in the same place for five minutes!
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People had to wait to find out the result and after 9pm on Thursday, it was confirmed that the record had been broken. Fang-tastic!
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The official judge for Guinness World Records set some strict dress rules... Traditional vampire attire is defined as: black trousers, black skirt or dress, black shoes, black waistcoat, black cape or overcoat and of course fangs on the top set of teeth!
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A young "vampire" enjoying the day. Organisers of the record attempt said the event had gotten interest from all over the world, with some people travelling from as far away as California, in the US, to attend.
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Some more children watching on over the event. The participants were treated to music, fish and chips and toasted marshmallows whilst at the gathering.
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I thought vampires couldn't go out in sunlight...?! Well, the ghoulish gathering was a success, well done to all the vampires!
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