Thank a Teacher Day 2022: What makes a great teacher?

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You see them almost every day and they are a big part of your lives, teachers help kids learn and grow and now there is a chance to recognise all they do.

May 26 is National Thank a Teacher Day, a day for you to tell your teachers what you're thankful for.

It's celebrated across the UK and gives students, parents and teachers a chance to just say THANKS!

We want to know what you think makes a good teacher and what you are grateful for.

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There are so many ways to say thanks, how will you say it?

So what do you think makes a good teacher? Being kind, a good listener or being able to explain things really well?

You can tell us here what you think is the best thing about teachers by voting in the poll below.

If you cannot see the quiz, click here.

We want to know what you're thankful for or if you're doing anything to say thanks this year. Leave a message in the comments.

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