Blue Sky Studios has closed its doors but Ice Age's Scrat finally got his acorn!

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scrat-with-his-acornBlue Sky Studios
FINALLY! Scrat got his acorn

Blue Sky Studios, the makers of the Ice Age films, closed its doors in 2021.

It might be goodbye to the studios but they've left fans with some good news.

The Studio shared one last clip of Scrat, finally getting what he always wanted.

Yes, the loveable sabre-toothed squirrel has finally got his acorn.

Blue Sky Studios opened in 1987 and its first-ever film release was Ice Age in 2002.

The studios created a further five Ice Age films from 2006 to 2022, as well as seven short films, two television specials and even an animated series, Scrat Tales.

The decision to close the studio was announced on social media in April 2021.

Films, Robots, Dr Seuss' Horton Hears a Who, Rio and Rio 2, Epic, The Peanuts Movie, Ferdinand and Spies in Disguise were all made at Blue Sky Studios too.

The studios took the time to make one last clip to say goodbye.

The clip shows Scrat, Ice Age's sabre-toothed squirrel finally getting to eat the acorn he had chased over the six Ice Age films.

The Studios wanted to say goodbye in their own special way

In a social media statement they said:

"We've had more fun bringing our movies to life than anyone should be allowed. We hope you've been able to feel some of that joy. Thank you, from the bottom of our collective Blue Sky hearts, for being with us all these years."

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