Pitch invasion cat was missing for months

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A player tries to grab the catPA Media
Players tried to catch the cat, which brought the game to halt

A cat which stopped a football match by running onto the pitch had been missing for months its owner has said.

The moggy, named Topsey, ran on to the pitch during Sheffield Wednesday's game against Wigan Athletic at Hillsborough on Tuesday night.

After giving players the run around, Wigan defender Josh Kerr managed to scoop up the cat and get it to safety.

From there Topsey was taken to a vet who discovered she had a microchip, which meant they were able to get in touch with her owner.

Topsey's owner, Alison Jubb told the BBC her cat had been missing since June.

"My daughter-in-law rang me last night as they were watching the match and said there was a cat on the football pitch. I sort of laughed it off," she said.

The cat being carried awayPA Media
Topsey was carried away after being rescued and taken to the vet

She later got a call from the vets to confirm the pitch invader was indeed Topsey.

Sam from Spire Vets said Topsey had been given "strong pain relief and antibiotics".

"She is stable and staying in a kennel overnight, we gave her some food and she ate it," he said.

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