MooLoo: Cows in Germany potty trained to help the planet

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A herd of cows have been trained to use the toilet.

The cows' potty training is part of a project to help make farms more environmentally-friendly.

In just fifteen training sessions, 11 out of 16 calves had learnt an approach scientists called the 'MooLoo'.

As part of the training, the cows had to use a special area in the barn to poo and wee.

The scientists who ran this experiment say the 'MooLoo' training could help the environment.

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Cow poo might seem funny but it is no laughing matter!
Why is cow poo bad for the environment?

Farmed cows are able to produce 36 litres of wee and more than 30kg of poo a day - that much poo is around the same weight as the average nine-year-old.

But the problem with cow's poo and wee is that it can add to greenhouse gas emissions.

It can also make soil acidic and pollute nearby rivers too.

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Poo can be used for good

Scientists at the Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology in Germany hope that the MooLoo training can teach lots of cows to poo and wee in a particular place in their field or barn.

That poo and wee can then be collected and treated to help prevent it causing any damage to the environment.

And thankfully poo can have its uses - its gases can be captured to make energy to power cars and houses.

So the future with this new training for cows could be poo-mendous.

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