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Solar eclipse 2021: Amazing photos

Countries across Earth's northern hemisphere experienced a partial total eclipse on Thursday with some witnessing a spectacular 'ring of fire'.
People around the world experienced a spectacular solar eclipse on Thursday morning. The moment when the Moon moves in front of the Sun and blocked out most of its light. Heather Mullan from Daviot in Aberdeenshire managed to catch this image of the partial eclipse.
Eclipse from DaviotHeather Mullan
Despite an overcast morning for lots of people in the UK, a few breaks in the cloud meant the phenomenon was still visible, here the partial solar eclipse is seen over the Houses of Parliament in London.
Partial solar eclipse is seen over the Houses of Parliament.Dan Kitwood / Getty Images
Ryan Toomey caught the eclipse from Greenock complete with a "bird photobomb".
Eclipse from GreenockRyan Toomey
The partial solar eclipse could also be seen in other countries in northern parts of the world, here the Sun is reflected on a glass panel in Manhattan, New York.
Partial solar eclipse is reflected on a glass panel before buildings of the Manhattan skyline.ED JONES / Getty Images
This picture shows the Sun rising - already partially eclipsed - next to the Statue of Liberty in New York city.
Partially eclipsed Sun next to the Statue of Liberty.Gary Hershorn / Getty
Looking directly at the Sun without protection is dangerous, so people like these kids in Denmark wore special glasses or used pin-hole projectors to view the spectacle.
Children lie on the lawn and look through glasses waiting for the partial solar eclipse.CLAUS BECH/ Getty Images
A man observes the partial solar eclipse in Brussels, using a special filter on his camera lens.
A man observes partial solar eclipse in Brussels, Belgium.Getty Images
The partial solar eclipse is seen behind a cross on top of a church in Russia where in certain parts of the country, the whole of the Moon covered the Sun, causing a ring of light to be visible around it.
The partial solar eclipse seen behind a cross atop a church in Russia.Vladimir Smirnov