Japanese airline offering restaurant meals on their planes

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Child eating meal on planeANA

Japan's biggest airline is offering people the chance to experience a bit of fine-dining on a parked plane.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) opened their doors earlier this week, not to take off, but to allow hungry guests to dine on their planes.

Tickets to eat in first class cost 59,800 yen (around £392) and to eat in economy cost 29,800 yen (around £195).

The first dining experience was so popular it sold out straight away, and staff have now added 22 more bookings for April.

A "restaurant with wings"
ANA's Being 777 plane's have been grounded for a while.

The idea for the dining experience was invented by a member of staff, who wanted to make use of all the parked planes at the airport.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many flights are still grounded around the world to help prevent the virus from spreading.

The dining experience takes place on a Boeing 777 plane, parked at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan.

Guests could choose from three meal options of: Japanese-style, Western-style beef or Western-style fish.

"We designed this service so that customers can feel the ambience of the first and business class cabins with all the five senses," said the manager of the new project.

Japan is not the only country to get inventive with it's airports and planes, last year Taipei Songshan Airport in Taiwan offered a pretend holiday experience which proved pretty popular.

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