Back to school: If you're back, how is it going?

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Today is the first day back at school for many of you and we want to know how it's going?

All primary school pupils from England, and many from Northern Ireland, have returned to the classroom today after two months of homeschooling.

They will be joining lots of kids in Scotland and Wales, who started making their return in February.

Secondary schools in England are opening this week too but many pupils are returning in phases to make sure schools have time to set up coronavirus testing.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the return is an important first step towards a "sense of normality".

Schools re-opening is the first stage of England's lifting of lockdown.

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'Be brave, be yourself' - that's the back-to-school advice from Scottish and Welsh children

We want to know - how was your first day back? What was it like seeing your friends? Did you miss your teachers? Were you in school because your parents are key workers, are you looking forward to having a full class again?

Maybe you're not able to head back to your school just yet, but know what you are most looking forward to when you can.

Whatever you are excited about, we want to hear it!

Let us know in the comments below.

To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on.
Back to school: Advice from Dr Radha

Some of you might be feeling a bit nervous or anxious about heading back to school after several months off, but we have some tips to help you out.

Whether you're worried about being in a different bubble from your friends, changes to the way your school works, or starting a new school - you're not the only one to feel this way and it's ok to feel like this.

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