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World Book Day 2021: Your AMAZING costumes!

Thursday 4 March 20201 is World Book Day - when you dress up to celebrate books, authors and reading! We wanted to know what your costumes were and you did NOT disappoint! Check out these incredible outfits.
Watch out Gangsta Granny is about! QueenCandyRainbow has dug out her best burglar mask and pearls for her World Book Day costume. She's celebrating the famous David Walliams book about a boring old granny who loves cabbage - but isn't quite what she seems!
Where's Zara? Zara took inspiration from the book that has given her hours of fun during lockdown for her costume - all she needs now is 1000 friends in similar costumes to hide herself properly!
It's Stickman! It's Stickman! It's Stickman, that's he! Chase has used old cardboard boxes, Velcro, paper and even a real stick to make his Stickman costume. Now that is seriously impressive!
Chevon is sweeping his way to school as a servant from the Horrible Histories book Villainous Victorians
KuhuOnBBC is flying into World Book Day as Mildred Hubble from the Worst Witch
Anjana dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and says her favourite book is Princess Stories by Miles Kelly
Joshua's school all dressed up as cats. He used his headphones that he uses for his remote learning, as cat ears! What a purr-fect way to keep listening in an online lesson
Charli wanted to honour her hero, the late Captain Sir Tom Moore for her costume. Nice side burns Charli!
Wow! TreesWood has created a head on a hinge for his Harry Potter style World Book Day look. He's going as Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington or 'Nearly headless Nick'
We all love the The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Oscar has dressed up as him for World Book Day but just how much fruit has he eaten today?
Apes8 dressed up as Greta Thunberg and said the reason why she did is because she loves people who want to save the planet! There's a book about Greta called Greta and the Giants by Zoë Tucker
Isla dressed up as Arrietty from the Borrowers!
Sam has all the golden tickets as he dressed up as Willy Wonka!
Oh wait, oh's the Gruffalo! This homemade costume would fool a brown mouse
Princessicecream went as her favourite princess...Rapunzel, she's hoping her hair will be as long as Rapunzel's one day!
Luella has been doing some extra topics whilst remote learning, she learnt about Frida Kahlo and said loved the fact that despite all the hurdles Frida came across, she always did want she wanted to do