Spring: We want you to send us your sunny pictures

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Although spring hasn't officially sprung, there are signs the seasons are changing all around us.

Days are getting warmer, longer and brighter and walks are becoming more and more colourful as flowers reappear.

We want you to send in your sunny pictures.

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Have you been taking pictures on your daily walks? Maybe you've spotted daffodils blossoming, birds singing or some flowers brightening your day.

Well we want to see those colourful spring photos. Send us any pictures you have taken whilst out in your garden or on your daily walk.

Your parent or guardian can help you upload things here.

Are you ready to send your stuff?

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the rules.

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Spring begins Saturday 20 March, according to the astronomical season. However according to the meteorological season spring already started on 1 March.

It can be confusing with different dates being used but don't worry we have a guide to help you understand exactly why. Read all about it here.

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