Naps: Research shows a little sleep is good for you

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Fancy a lesson totally dedicated to power napping?

Good news! Scientists think they've proved that taking an afternoon nap is good for you.

A study has suggested that taking regular afternoon naps may be good for the problem-solving parts of our brains.

The researchers say sleeping during the afternoon helps with memory, locational awareness (how to get from one location to another) and verbal fluency (remembering information and recalling it).

But before you start explaining to your parents and your teachers that you need to head off for a nap every afternoon, the scientific study only recorded the results for people over 60!

It got us thinking though: Do you like to take a little nap? Do you feel recharged after a ten-minute snooze, or do you have to get your head down for a good hour or so to feel the effect?

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