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How has Storm Christoph affected parts of the UK?

Storm Christoph arrived in the UK earlier this week and with it, it brought lots of wind, rain, and even some snow. Places all over the UK have been affected by the weather and the Met office has issued several weather warnings for flooding and snow.
People have been asked to leave their homes and stay elsewhere. Weather warnings suggest conditions could get worse. Boris Johnson advised people that he and the government are "totally prepared." He said: "If you are told to leave your home then you should do so." The River Ouse in York, North Yorkshire already had very high water levels before Strom Christoph arrived so people have been working hard to protect it from flooding.
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Heavy rainfall has already seen multiple major incidents and flood alerts declared across England and Wales. Many rivers are at "dangerously high levels", the Environment Agency said and there are also more than 190 flood warnings - meaning flooding is expected - across England, and 46 in Wales.
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Snow also fell in some parts of the UK last night and early this morning with people have woken up to their cars buried in snow! This picture was taken in Greater Manchester where some people had to leave their homes.
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Greater Manchester didn't just get snow! The river Mersey has flooded due to the heavy amounts of rain that have fallen over the last 24 hours. There have been 200 flood warnings given across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
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Some people with stranded cars in Leicestershire have been trying to drive through the floods,. An amber warning for this area and has asked people to avoid the roads as it could be very dangerous.
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Sand bags have been delivered to many areas including the River Ouse in York to try stop it from flooding. It is hoped the defences put in place will keep the water levels at a steady pace and no further damage will be done.
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Snow has fallen across the UK, did you get any snow?
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