Remote learning: How to boss studying at home

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Lots of schools are closed across the UK and new lockdowns have been announced for England and Scotland

Lots of pupils across the UK aren't returning to the classroom after the Christmas break, and with new lockdown rules announced for England and Scotland, this means many of you will be learning online and remotely again.

Leaders in England, Scotland and Wales have announced plans to close schools to help control the spread of the coronavirus, while trying to ensure young people don't miss out on their education.

So, we've got some top tips and advice for coping with change and how to boss home-schooling.

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How do you feel about learning from home?
Advice if you feel anxious or worried about back-to-school changes
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Things are changing on a regular basis at the moment and it's completely normal to sometimes feel a feel a little anxious, uncertain or worried about what's going on.

However, youth mental health charity Young Minds, says that "if you find you're worrying so much it's hard to do other things, speak to a friend or trusted adult about how you're feeling".

Advice from Own It for coping with change and uncertainty:
  • Stay in the here and now and take one day at a time - it can help to focus on just the day ahead of you, rather than fixating on longer-term plans
  • Manage your expectations - it's natural to want to make plans but right now it's better to focus on things that are closer in time, like the next few days or weeks, to avoid disappointment if activities have to be cancelled or changed
  • Find and stick to a routine - it's something you can control and can make you feel more secure
  • Avoid spending too much time on social media - it can often be hard to know what's true online. Here are some tips for identifying fake news
  • Talk to an adult you trust about how you're feeling
Tips for learning from home

If you're learning remotely, we know it can be tricky to adjust. Why not try out some of these ideas to help you get the most out of it?

Find a good workspace
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You may have a specific seat or table where you sit at school and it's just as important to have a designated work space when you're at home.

Try to find a quiet place in your house where you can work without being disrupted. It could be at a desk in your bedroom, the dining room table, or anywhere else where you feel you can do your best work.

Get rid of distractions
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It's important to concentrate while you're working in order to get the most out of your learning experience, but things like phones can be quite distracting!

Try giving your device over to a parent or guardian while you're working, or you could even try leaving it in another room or drawer where you can lock it away.

Make use of online resources
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Remote learning can be challenging, but there are lots of great resources available to help you out.

BBC Bitesize has lots of online lessons which include videos, quizzes and practice activities to help you stay on top of things.

You can select your year group and subject to ensure you're being provided with the information that's most relevant for you - try here if you're primary or here if you're secondary.

Get in the zone
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You want to give what you're doing your full attention when working from home.

You can try wearing headphones to block out what's going on around you, or wearing your uniform so your family know when you're studying so they don't disturb you.

Create a timetable
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It's likely that when you're learning at school, you have a set structure for the day and this doesn't have to change when you're at home.

You can create a timetable with details on when you'll be working, when you'll have your lunch, and most importantly - when you'll take those much deserved breaks!

Set targets
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Setting goals is a great way to motivate yourself and to keep you on track. Why not try setting a few targets to hit throughout your school day?

They don't have to be complicated or big and you can reward yourself for each one you meet with some extra play time or more time to delve into your favourite book!

Do you have any top tips for bossing learning from home? Let us know in the comments!

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