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Black Country Living Museum is bostin' Tik Tok hit

TikTok is the social media platform for all singers, dancers and pranksters, but have you ever come across videos from a museum?

The Black Country Living Museum- BCLM - is the most followed museum on TikTok.

During the pandemic people couldn't visit the museum so the staff made videos with characters from the past.

Since joining in August 2020 BCLM in Dudley has gained more than 360,000 followers and made it to TikTok's official UK 100 list.

What is the museum all about?

The Black Country Living Museum is a museum that transports its visitors back to the Industrial Revolution to experience what life would have been like for those living in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

The museum itself is set across 26 acres. It has shops, houses and industrial areas which represent the Black Country's story at the heart of the Industrial Revolution.

What is it doing on TikTok?

Staff have created characters for TikTok, a 1920's "Yam Yam" - a person from the Black Country in the West Midlands - grandfather and a "bostin" - brilliant - World War Two wench - a girl or young woman!

The museums communications manager Abbey Bird said she was "over the moon" about how successful the page had been!

The TikTok videos feature short clips of the characters giving a message to the viewers.

John Homer, the man who plays the 1920's grandfather said he had "no concept of TikTok" until earlier this year.

"[My character] was used to carrier pigeons as a means of communication," [But] it gives us a good name and promotes the Black Country, so on that basis it's a fantastic medium."

John Homer , Museum actor

Natasha Eden, BCLM's chief operating officer said TikTok had "presented us with an incredible opportunity to meaningfully engage with a younger audience and showcase our wonderful museum and... characters."

She added; "As a museum and a charity, our fundamental goal is to tell the Black Country's story in a way that is appealing and accessible. The pandemic has made this more apparent than ever."

Have you come across the Black Country Living Museum on TikTok? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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