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British Photography Awards 2021: A pick of the pics

The shortlist for the British Photography awards 2021 has arrived and this year it features photos taken before and during the coronavirus pandemic. There are 380 images which is far too many for us to show, so here's a selection of some of them.
Check out this arctic fox walking through a snowstorm in Iceland! He didn't seem to be camera shy which made it quite easy for the photographer to take this close up picture of him while he watched and walked through the snow.
Arctic Fox in snow storm.Tracey Lund
This isn't a picture of a real dinosaur (sorry to disappoint you dinosaur fans!), but it is a scale model of a T-Rex which has been photographed to make it look just like a scene from Jurassic Park. It was taken at night and an off camera flash was used to create this creepy silhouette - it certainly looks realistic don't you think?
A scale model of a T-Rex dinosaur taken at night.David Andrews
This hippo means business! He was pictured jumping out of a river in Botswana in Southern Africa before he crashed back down below the water. The photographer said he performed this move a few times and it caused quite the ripple in the water. Perhaps he was trying to show off how big he was in front of the camera.
A hippo breaching out the water.Jack Plant
Who doesn't love a bit of colour? This bright picture was taken at a beach in Blyth in Northumberland, England at the same time as Storm Abigail hit in 2015. The sky may look calm, but the wind seems to be causing the person walking by to struggle a bit while holding up their umbrella!
Beach Huts at Blyth.Lesley Martin
This photo tells a powerful story. These trees have been cut down in the Beng Per Wildlife Sanctuary, in northern Cambodia, where most of its forests have also been cleared for farming reasons and because of the demand for specific type of logs to be made into furniture.
Cambodia's Last Forests - trees that have been cut down.Sean Gallagher
This stripy shot is of Wales Riding Academy riders Joe Hold, Harvey McNaughton, Jon Mould and William Roberts in action at the National Cycling Centre, Manchester. A slow shutter speed on the camera was used to show how fast they were going and the camera flash helped to freeze the shot and make a follow line effect. Nice!
A cyclist in action at the National Cycling Centre, Manchester.Martin Rickett
We've heard of the story 'The tortoise and the hare' but what about the tortoise and the cat? This image was made by the photographer taking a picture while tempting the tortoise with food to get him to open his mouth and by taking a picture of the cat, while trying to get her to play with her toys! The photographer then merged both pics together!
A cat and a tortoise.Donny Hughes
You may have seen some empty supermarket shelves at some point this year during coronavirus. This picture captures the moment a shopper scans some empty shelves looking for food, after people started panic buying and stocking up on more food than they needed at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.
A shopper scanning empty supermarket shelves in London during the coronavirus pandemic.Lab Mo
This is an incredible picture of a puffin landing with sand eels in its mouth in the Farne Islands in Northumberland, England. Its beak may look fairly small, but it seems it can fit quite a few fish in its mouth!
A Puffin With Sand Eels Landing.Simon Jenkins
This spectacular shot is of USA skier Aaron Blunk skilfully skidding along the top of an enormous vertical half pipe wall during the Men's Ski Half Pipe Final in February 2018, as part of the Winter Olympic Games. What a picture!
A skier in a wall of snow.Roland Harrison