Marcus Rashford: Footballer launches his own book club

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Rashford says his books will be for every child "even if I have to deliver them myself"

Marcus Rashford has already succeeded in getting the government to provide free school meals during school holidays - now the footballer is turning his attention to helping kids with reading.

The Manchester United star is launching a book club along with publisher Macmillan Children's Books focusing on reading and literacy.

One of the aims of the book club is to make sure children from vulnerable and under-privileged backgrounds have access to books, with Marcus saying that reading shouldn't be for "just those that can afford it".

He added: "We know there are over 380,000 children across the UK today that have never owned a book, children that are in vulnerable environments. That has to change."

The 23-year-old has revealed that he only started reading when he was 17 because books were "never a thing we could budget for as a family".

He said: "I wish I was offered the opportunity to really engage with reading more as a child.

"There were times where the escapism of reading could have really helped me. I want this escapism for all children."

As part of the project, the footballer will be sharing stories from his own life in an illustrated non-fiction book aimed at children aged 11-16, with Carl Anka, a journalist and Katie Warriner, a performance psychologist, helping to write it.

Titled 'YOU ARE A CHAMPION: Unlock Your Potential, Find Your Voice And Be The BEST You Can Be', the book will cover the value of education, positive mentality, understanding culture, and female role models.

You never know, maybe he'll even touch on his campaign which led to the government announcing free meals would be provided to disadvantaged children over the Christmas holidays.

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There will also be two other book, fiction this time, for readers aged seven upwards.

It's not just about reading either. The England star has said he also wanted the Marcus Rashford Book Club top be a place "young writers, illustrators and creatives will be seen and they will be offered a platform to shine".

He said: "No matter where you grow up, talent should be recognised and championed.

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The first book will be published in May 2021 and despite the amount of work involved, Marcus seems determined to make it a success.

He said: "My books are, and always will be, for every child, even if I have to deliver them myself. We will reach them."

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