Northern Ireland lockdown restrictions extended for one week

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There have been lockdown restrictions in Northern Ireland since 16 October

Covid-19 lockdown restrictions will be extended for another week in Northern Ireland, until Friday 20 November.

The restrictions began on 16 October and were supposed to end at midnight on Friday 13 November.

The government voted to extend the lockdown restrictions for a week to try and stop the spread of the virus.

Shops and businesses in the country will gradually open up in stages over the next couple of weeks.

When can things re-open in Northern Ireland?

Close contact services, like hair salons and driving instructors, can reopen on 20 November by appointment.

Hospitality, so places like cafes and coffee shops, will reopen on 20 November too, on a "graduated basis". They will have a closing time of 8pm. This is a week later than they were supposed to.

Restaurants, pubs and hotels can reopen on 27 November, as the rest of the lockdown restrictions that were brought in on 16 October will expire at midnight on 26 November.

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Cafes and coffee shops can open on November 20

The Northern Irish government said a vaccination programme will be rolled out from as early as possible in December, in line with England.

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