Are you getting more or less homework than before?

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It has been a rocky road for schools all over the UK this year because of the disruptions caused by coronavirus.

Some of you will have had to go back to home learning due to your school bubbles self-isolating.

Some schools have been giving more work to make up for time lost in the classroom but others have cut back on homework.

We want to know what it has been like for you and how you feel about it.

Schools around the UK

There are currently different coronavirus restrictions across the UK.

England went into a second lockdown on 5 November, but schools have remained open.

Wales entered a 'firebreaker' lockdown which was timed during school half term. Primary school students returned on 2 November.

There was a similar lockdown enforced in Northern Ireland, where schools shut for two weeks.

Scotland has entered a five-level tier system, which has different restrictions depending on the area where you live - but schools are remaining open for all tiers.

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Homework is essential for learning

We want to know if you are getting the same amount of homework as usual - or maybe you think you've been getting more or even less homework, since going back to school.

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