Halloween around the world

It's a night we all know and love. When people dress up in scary costumes or fancy dress, decorate their homes in a spooky style and go door-to-door 'trick or treating' for sweets.

Other countries have different Halloween traditions, so we're going to take you around the globe to see some other spooky festivals.

From Mexico's bright parades and Nepal's custom of dressing children as cows to China's lantern's sailing down the river - Find out more about the meaning behind each tradition here.

Find out more about Halloween celebrations in America and around the world.

This year you may not be trick or treating or having a party, but there's still lots of fun things to try with your family, or share online with your friends.

Scare your friends with this gory Halloween make up!

How to do a simple face paint skeleton

What to do with your pumpkin when it's carved

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