Halloween: Why is this year's full moon extra special?

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Fans of Halloween will be pleased to know that this year 31 October will be extra special. It will be the first time a Halloween full moon will be visible across the whole world since 1944!

That's not all - this Halloween's full moon is also a rare blue moon.

A blue moon is what you call the second full moon in one month. It actually has nothing to do with the Moon appearing blue!

A blue moon happens on average about every two and a half years. This is where we get the phrase "once in a blue moon", so don't miss your chance to see this rare sight.

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How can I see the blue moon?

Emma Alexander, an astrophysicist and space expert from the University of Manchester, told Newsround that in order to get the best view of this rare lunar sight, you should look for the Moon rising in the East, just after sunset.

If it is a clear night without many clouds you should be able to see the Halloween moon big and bright.

If you feel like taking some photos of the moon, here are some galleries of other unique moons to inspire you from a lunar eclipse to a snow moon!

So don't forget to take a break from eating your treats or watching something scary to take a look outside on Halloween night!

Are you keen to see this extra special Halloween moon? Let us know if you plan to check it out!

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