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National Black Cat Day: Show these beauties some love!

It's National Black Cat Day! It is on 27 October each year and is a time to celebrate the beauty of black cats.
With four days to go until Halloween, today is a chance to celebrate an animal that sometimes gets a bad rep and needs a bit of love!
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These monochrome moggies were once linked to bad luck and witches. How could a creature this adorable be associated with anything but good vibes?!
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The RSPCA charity has previously warned that 7 out of 10 cats at its shelters are black or black and white! What!? Look at this cute little fella.
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Good news though! The Cats Protection charity who promote Black Cat Day say black cats are spending less time in their shelters now. So now... let's just enjoy some gorgeous kitties...
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Uh-oh, double trouble! What's better than one sleeping ball of fur? TWO, of course!
A black cat is for life, not just for Halloween!
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And...stretch. Look at the little white socks on this guy! Delightful!
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This fluffy feline clearly enjoys basking in the sun. It looks like someone wants a belly rub!
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Ok, ok, this tiny fluffy shadow has stolen our hearts! We'll end things here before we faint from cuteness overload!
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