Coronavirus: Scientists using TikTok to teach about vaccine

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If you wanted to find out more about the coronavirus vaccine you might think you'd have to read some very detailed scientific papers - but it's easier than that!

Scientists working on a vaccine are going to be using platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Twitter to help people understand what they're doing.

It's part of a new campaign called Team Halo, with researchers in the UK, US, South Africa, India and Brazil all getting involved.

TikTok will be the main app, with scientists making videos to explain the science in a simple way for people of all backgrounds and age groups.

Dr Anna Blakney, part of the vaccine development team at Imperial College London, said it was a way of "demystifying" the work being done around vaccines.

"We are pioneering a new type of vaccine against Covid-19 in human clinical trials, and I'm excited to share some of the incredible science and people involved in my work," she said.

Scientists will also be answering questions from the public and busting fake news about Covid-19 spreading online.


The scheme has been backed by the United Nations' Verified initiative, as well as the Vaccine Confidence Project and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

Melissa Fleming, UN under secretary-general for global communications, said: "Rampant misinformation has undermined public trust in vaccines. Team Halo is about reclaiming that trust.

"These are incredible people doing exciting science as part of a global collaboration. We should be celebrating them helping us get to the end of this awful pandemic."

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