Coronavirus: Wales announces national lockdown for two weeks

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Wales: What are the new lockdown rules?

Wales has begun a two-week national lockdown to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

The First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, said that from 6pm on Friday October 23 until Tuesday November 9, people will be asked to stay at home.

Wales has made it clear that people should stay at home during this lockdown.

So under the new rules people cannot mix with others they do not live with, that's both indoors and outdoors.

Some people may be able to see grandparents againGetty Images
Children who live with one parent can now visit another household and stay overnight
Who can I meet up with?

People who live on their own, and single parents, will still be allowed to join one other support bubble.

Adults will be asked to work from home - unless they're classed as a critical worker or it's not possible to work from home.

It means children won't be able to see their grandparents - unless a grandparent lives by themselves and are part of the family support bubble.

Can I still go to school?
To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on.
Welsh lockdown: Kids tell us what they think

First Minister Mark Drakeford said that children are the "top priority" so schools won't close completely.

If you're in primary school, you will have half term as normal.

Then, all primary schools will reopen after that on 2 November - so you will be able to go back to school.

Secondary schools are different though, only years 7 and 8 will go back after half term and those taking exams.

All other years will have to do school work from home for an extra week.

What's going to close?
Cardiff city centreGetty Images

All non-essential shops will close, so supermarkets will stay open but most other shops will close.

Places like restaurants and cafes will close, as will libraries and leisure centres.

Places of worship will close too, except for funeral and wedding services.

Can I go for a walk, bike ride or run?
Exercising on the beach at LlandudnoReuters

Yes - under the new national lockdown you can leave your house for exercise.

So you will be able to go outside, but only with people from your household.

What else do I need to know?
Layby in Brecon Beacons in Powys shut during the first national Covid lockdown in WalesGetty Images

The First Minister said that all Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations will be cancelled.

But organised events for Remembrance Sunday will be able to go ahead on Sunday November 8.

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