Halloween: Send us your pumpkin pictures

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Pumpkin being carved.Getty Images

It's almost Halloween, which means spooky decorations and pumpkin carvings!

Halloween started as a Celtic festival called Samhain, when Celts thought the barrier between our world and the spirit world was at its thinnest.

It was believed the glowing face of carved pumpkins would scare away evil ghosts.

In America where Halloween is really popular, carved pumpkins are called Jack-o'-lanterns!

This year, we would love to see your creative carvings, they can be pumpkins, turnips or other vegetables. It can be quite tricky though, so remember to ask an adult you trust for help.

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We'll put as many of them as we can into a gallery on our website - then you can see if you can spot yours!

To send in pictures of your pumpkins follow this link below.

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A parent can also help you upload your videos and pictures here.

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