Two beluga whales take their first open water swim

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beluga whale being transportedPA Media

Two beluga whales have taken their first swim in an open water sanctuary.

Little Grey and Little White are being looked after in Iceland after being captured and made to perform for years.

They have now been able to explore their natural surroundings of Klettsvik Bay, which is on an island in Iceland.

The bay is roughly 32,000 square metres - which is same size of 17 tennis courts - with a depth of up to 10 metres.

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Check out the journey Little Grey and Little White made to arrive in Iceland.

The charity, Sea Life Trust, have been caring for the whales at the world's first open water sanctuary for belugas in Iceland.

The whales have made good progress since being at the care pools in August and this open water swim will be carefully managed to help ease them into the wider sanctuary.

They will return to the sanctuary care pools over a short period of time and their health and well-being will be assessed on a daily basis.

Beluga Whales Little Grey and Little White swimming in the bayside care pool where they were acclimatised to the natural environment of their new homePA Media
Beluga Whales Little Grey and Little White swimming in the care pool

Head of Sea Life trust, Andy Bool, said: "We're absolutely thrilled by the progress that Little Grey and Little White have made since moving to their bayside care pools."

We are introducing them gradually to the bay in little steps, but seeing them swim together and deep dive amongst the flora and fauna of the wider bay for the first time was amazing to witness and gave us a real sense that Little Grey and Little White are enjoying being back in the sea.

Andy Bool, Head of Sea Life Trust Charity

Little Grey and Little White will be on TV soon too!

Their journey back to the ocean will be part of a documentary that will be on ITV in October.