Bike to School Week: Should cycling be added to the curriculum?

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It's the start of Bike to School Week and we want to know if you think safe cycling should be taught to you at school.

The week is organised by the charity Sustran who want to celebrate active types of travel, like walking or cycling, compared to other ways such as getting the bus or car.

As part of the week a survey of 2,000 parents done by the bike shop Halfords showed that four out of five wanted cycling added to the national curriculum.

So we want if YOU think more should be taught at school about cycling?

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Meanwhile, the government has announced that cycle repair workshops will be set up in English primary schools as part of a big project to get more children cycling or walking to school. They'll start next month in areas where children are more likely to need support to get their bikes in good enough condition for regular use.

The government is keen to get more people cycling and says: "Cycling and walking is good for people and the planet's health, so we want half of all journeys being cycled or walked by 2030.

"To do that, we must encourage young people to see cycling and walking as normal as getting the bus or train.

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And what about parents who come along on the journey too? A survey by Sustrans found that more than half parents didn't enjoy the daily school run, mainly because of the traffic on the roads.

Xavier Brice from Sustrans says that "...more needs to be done by local authorities to help make walking and cycling the easiest and most appealing options for families travelling to school."

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